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  1. Phunktacular

    95 Coturnix eggs in the incubator

    This will be my largest amount to incubate, to date.
  2. Phunktacular

    No spots on quail eggs

    I have about 40 jumbo wild coturnix hens. Yesterday I picked up about 30 eggs. About 1/2 of them had no color on them. Just plain tan eggs with no spots. I'm curious what causes this. Would they be any good to try incubating or should I just eat then and collect different eggs to incubate?
  3. Phunktacular

    Odd color

    I've hatched out nearly 50 jumbo wilds, this weekend. All of my eggs were supposed to be browns. However, out of the hatch, 4 are a very light color. I've been calling them blondies. I thought, maybe Italians, but I'm not sure. Any ideas? Should be able to see both colors in this pic.
  4. Phunktacular


    I've got a small hutch with 17 hens on it. They were hatched in small groups over about a month and a half. The youngest of them all are 11 weeks old, today. That makes some as old as 15-16 weeks old. I'm supplementing light, they're in my garage that won't freeze and feeding turkey starter. I...
  5. Phunktacular

    Dark Cornish Crosses

    I've seen tons of posts about crossing the Dark Cornish with other breeds but, none that actually list out the growth rates and experiences of raising them. I'm interested in what they were crossed with and process of weight gains compared to feed consumption and what the processing weight was...
  6. Phunktacular

    Craigslist Eggs

    Well, I picked up 84 Coturnix Quail eggs for the incubator that I had found on Craigslist in my local town for $2/dozen. I don't need 84 more quail (I do not need 42 more quail) but, I like to incubate and figured if I can get 50% hatch I could sell them for $1/bird after hatch and make $30...
  7. Phunktacular

    Naragansette Poults

    Just looking to see if anybody near upstate, NY has or will have some Naragansette Poults available in the spring. Looking to make my plans early. Would rather get from local person than a hatchery. Message me if you'll have some available. Thanks Phunk
  8. Phunktacular

    Home Built Incubator

    I've been chatting, here and there, about an incubator that I've build. This particular incubator that I've been using to incubate and hatch out of worked beyond what I had expected. It is very simple and I feel anybody can build it. I believe, with everything included that I used, total cost...
  9. Phunktacular

    Egg Turning

    I understand that the recommended times to turn eggs a full rotation is once every 4-6 hours. That's 2-3 hours per half turn or 4-6 full turns per day. My last calculation I need to make in building my newest incubator is the turning speed and how I want to implement it with my existing...
  10. Phunktacular

    Upstate NY

    I've recently build an incubator and I've had a handful of very successful hatches of quail. I'm interested in some chicken hatching eggs and some quail hatching eggs. If anybody is in the upstate, NY area (near Syracuse) that has some free or inexpensive eggs, I like incubating. If you're...
  11. Phunktacular

    Self inflicted injury

    I have 65 Corning Cross birds that were 8 weeks old on Monday. I was originally going to process them on the previous Friday. However, the size of the birds didn't look as big as I'd have liked and I decided to put it off for another week. This isn't my first time, I've done it for a few...
  12. Phunktacular

    Adding Turkeys to small farm

    I have been raising chickens for about 5 years now and began raising quail just this year. I am interested in adding Turkeys to my small farm in the spring. I just have a few questions on incubating and raising Turkeys. 1. I have a home made incubator that I have been hatching quail eggs...
  13. Phunktacular

    GQF incubators

    Is there anybody out there that has a GQF 1500 or 1502 incubator that can tell me the spacing between turning racks? I am building a new incubator and intend to use the egg trays intended for those incubators in it. I'd like to know the spacing so I can still double stack my quail trays and...
  14. Phunktacular

    Calculating hatch rate

    I only have 3 adult quail hens, at this point, and incubating to increase that number. I have built my own incubator from an old broken beverage refrigerator. I have a controller that I purchased on amazon for $25, a $2.50 heater I found on amazon and a $4 donut usb humidifier, also from...
  15. Phunktacular

    Shell stuck like turtle

    I have a newly hatched lavender Orpington and it has half of the shell stuck on its back, like a turtle. I slid the incubator cover aside, so to not lose much heat and humidity, and tried pulling off but, it is securely on there. Not sure if I should intervene anymore.
  16. Phunktacular

    Wait after separating birds

    How long should I wait to incubate eggs after the hens were potentially mixed with a roster of a different breed?
  17. Phunktacular

    Extreme Temps in Quail Incubator

    I was getting ready to go out to work and stopped in to check on the quail incubator. The thermometer on the incubator read 84 degrees. I felt the top of the window to see how it felt and it was really warm. So, I ran up to get my meat thermometer and tested the air inside and that read 114...
  18. Phunktacular

    Frozen while birds

    I raised and processed close to 70 Cornish crosses this past summer. I have about 20 more in the freezer because a sale fell through. I would like to cut them up but unsure about thawing them and re-freezing in vacuum seal. What risks do I run from thawing a few, cutting up and freezing again...
  19. Phunktacular

    Helping a friend

    About 2 months ago, a friend of mine was in tractor supply and bought some birds. He was told they were Rhode Island Reds. However, half the birds were yellow fuzzies, not typical of RIR's. I'm unsure what they may be. Here's an 8 week pic of 1. Any ideas? Thinking maybe just leghorns.
  20. Phunktacular

    Separating roosters

    I have 6 roosters that were free with my purchase. I didn't ask for them, I just got them. I have 7x 10 week old lavender Orpington birds(2 of which are roosters.) The other roosters and the rest of those hens are all 16 weeks old. I'd like to integrate the flock but don't want the older...
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