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  1. Cwillenburg

    How to let a broody hen hatch eggs

    I have 3 broody bantams that I've been unable to break, so I'm getting some hatching eggs to put under them. How do I go about doing it? Do i need to do anything, or just put the eggs under them and forget about it? Do i need to candle at all or anything else? I've never hatched eggs before...
  2. Cwillenburg

    Ayam Cemani or Plymouth Rock?

    Would this egg be from my Ayam Cemani or my Plymouth Rock?? I got one like it yesterday and thought it was from the Rock because I had seen her in that nesting box, but the Cemani was in the box this morning and when i went out to check after I heard the egg song, this egg was in that box. I...
  3. Cwillenburg

    Letting broody hatch

    How long do I need to let a broody hen sit on fake eggs before i can try to slip some chicks under her?
  4. Cwillenburg

    Rooster or mites?

    A couple of my hens have this weird patchyness on the back/top of their heads. It seems a little crust so I can't tell if it might be mights or just from the rooster. Only the top of their heads seem affected and I don't see it on anyone else
  5. Cwillenburg

    AC crosses

    Show me your Ayam Cemani crosses!😍 I have an AC roo that I am super excited about hatching chicks from my mixed flock with. I have orpingtons, EEs, ameraucanas, polishs, wyandottes, OEGBs, silkies, brahmas and a few others 🥰 picture of my man Death just because
  6. Cwillenburg

    Beautiful 😍

    Got three eggs today and they are so beautiful 😍 I just had to show them off!
  7. Cwillenburg

    Bantam first egg!

    One of my bantams laid her first egg today 😍 it's a very light cream color. Would it be from my cochin, OEGB, d'uccle, or japanese??
  8. Cwillenburg

    Butchered Roosters

    We butchered some roosters last week, and I'm wondering how long they will be good refrigerated. My husband comes home from work next Thursday and I'd like to cook them that day. This will be our first time eating something we raised.
  9. Cwillenburg

    Update on cat attack chick!

    My chick that was attacked by my cat yesterday seems to be pulling through. She isn't moving about much, but she is eating and drinking a little. Her wounds are a bit worse than I first could see, but they don't seem life threatening. I got some penicillin to prevent infection. Thank you...
  10. Cwillenburg

    Starlight Green Eggers

    My beautiful Starlight Green Egger laid her first egg yesterday 🥰 here are a few pictures for others that might have them and be curious about what their eggs look like
  11. Cwillenburg

    Bantam chick attacked by cat!

    One of my 4wk old Bantam chicks was attacked by my cat. I found her in my living room this morning. She has some superficial wounds that I cleaned with iodine. I am worried about possible infection. I was told that penicillin would be the best treatment, but does anyone know how to get the...
  12. Cwillenburg

    Sand for grit?

    I am using sand in my run and coop, do I still need to provide grit? There are fairly large pieces of rock in the sand I am using. Picture of one of my girls just because 😍
  13. Cwillenburg

    First egg questions

    So we got our first egg today and I'm pretty sure it's from my d'uccle bantam, Snow. She is 22wks and the only girl that has squatted for me. I feel like the egg might not be small enough to be hers?? Everybody says how tiny bantam eggs are, and while it is small, I guess i thought they'd be...
  14. Cwillenburg

    First egg!

    My girls are finally starting to pay for their rent! Snow laid her first egg today at 22wks old! She is a white d'uccle ❤
  15. Cwillenburg

    Best feeder

    So I have a diy bucket feeder made out of a trash can and some pvc elbows. Problem is, moisture seems to be getting in it. We haven't had any rain, but have had some heavy dew lately. What types of feeders have y'all found to be the best for weatherproofing? Picture of one of my newest...
  16. Cwillenburg

    What breed??

    We got this girl in a batch of rare breed mystery chicks from The other ones I have figured out, but I am still confused by her. I was thinking Swedish Flower Hen or EE
  17. Cwillenburg

    Egg selling?

    How has everyone come up with their farm/business name for selling eggs?? I am not a creative person and am struggling big time. I've thought of Willenburg's Crazy Coop and Willenburg's Butt Nuggets. I don't feel like those are right though 😕 I'd like it to be something that will work for us...
  18. Cwillenburg


    Hello! I'm CheaLyn Willenburg, I live in Oklahoma and just started the adventure of raising chickens in May! Now we have over 60! 😂 Looking forward to learning from y'all!
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