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  1. Jay262

    Gander on nest?

    My embdem what is supposed to be gander keeps sitting on nest everyday when I go to coop is this normal? It hasn't layed a egg I get a egg every couple days from my 2 that I know are geese forsure. He is much bigger then them and I assume its a gander but I have had no luck incubating eggs. The...
  2. Jay262

    Are these eggs fertile?

    Im in Canada and have been trying to incubate my goose eggs past few weeks since they have started laying. Idk if its due to the cold or my young gander I have had no luck so far. So what do you guys think this is todays eggs do they look fertile or should I get another gander?
  3. Jay262

    Who is laying this?

    I have my embdem geese and cayugas housed togather and one of my embdems is laying forsure but I have gotten a new egg now it looks like a embdem goose egg but a little bit smaller? Any ides on what it is? Do geese lay smaller eggs when they first start laying? The new egg is the one in the...
  4. Jay262

    New goose fertility?

    So I just bought a new goose she was a embdem tolluse cross. She was laying when I bought her but want with a male. I have added her to my coop 3 days ago and got a egg today. How long does it take the eggs to become fertile after a goose is introduced to a male? I really wanna incubate these...
  5. Jay262

    Ring Neck pheasants suddenly dying

    My ringneck pheasants are around 16 weeks old and a couple weeks ago one appeared weak and kinda timid and tame allowing me to pick it up and handle it after a few days it died. Now a couple weeks later again another one the samething he is wondering around circles almost like he is stunned idk...
  6. Jay262

    When should i remove tape from broken egg?

    I recently received some eggs and one was cracked so I sealed the crack with a bandaid and it has developed fine. Today is lockdown I need to know quickly if I should remove it now or leave it and help the egg hatch on hatch day?
  7. Jay262

    Moving canada geese will they lay?

    Im the third owner of my Canada geese there 4 years old now. In there third year they laid eggs this year they did not after being brought to a new home. I bought them from this person so im wondering will they lay next spring? Whats the chances is it because of them being moved I know in the...
  8. Jay262

    Canada geese nesting this late?

    I know its very late into season but my Canada goose has dug a hole in the ground and for the past couple days has been spending all her time sitting around it or on it. They appear to me molting but would it be to late for possibly getting maybe wishful thinking on my part but you...
  9. Jay262

    How long before i can incubate eggs after being on a plane?

    I just had some eggs come to me from across Canada about a 8 hour flight including stops I got them around 1 am this morning. How long should they sit now before I can put them in the incubator. There are ducks, guiena fowl, chicken and turkey eggs.
  10. Jay262

    Another attempt at hatching turkeys

    Well here we go again this time out of a dozen eggs only half were good and then out of those only half hatched so I have 3 poults. So if I lose half of these I will have 1 and a half turkeys a step up from last hatch Anyhow these I am told were burbon red x sweetgrass turkeys im wonder though...
  11. Jay262

    My new canada geese arent eating.

    I just recently brought a pair of Canada geese home. For the past 3 days since bringing them home they haven't hardly eaten if at all. I have tried layer rations and 2 different types of grower.......rolled oats.......grass and weeds. Are they not eating due to stress and how long can the go on...
  12. Jay262

    Will my canada geese lay this late?

    Im getting some Canada geese on sunday. They haven't laid this season yet and there 4 years old they had laid and nested last season though. Im wondering is there a chance they still might lay and nest this season when I bring them home?
  13. Jay262

    Poult fllipping on his back.

    Its about 2 days old now the first day it seemed very active now today it seems weak and keeps flipping on its back the others are fine though what could be the problem or moreso how do I fix it?
  14. Jay262

    How long do they take to eat and drink on there own.

    Its been around 24 hours now and after some horriable luck with my incubator and some power outages the list goes on and on, I managed to save a lone Narragansett and royal palm poult. Anyhow these are my first turkeys I have raised chickens and ducks for years. These turkeys for a lack of a...
  15. Jay262

    Incubator temp problems

    I have been having problems with my incubator since I put turkey eggs in it there around 20 days now and I have added yet a 4th themoeter to finally figure out the problem was the themometers anyhow. I finally got 2 reading the same temp and with that said I have found out my entire incubation...
  16. Jay262

    Embden Gosling gender?

    I was told by the seller he thinks this is a male but I thought id ask for other opnions im only concerned cause he was a loner and I wanna get him a mate asap. So it would be a good idea to know weather to look for a boy or a girl.
  17. Jay262

    Wafer issues?

    I have a havobator with about 20 turkey eggs in it they have been in there for 8 days now. The past couple days the temp keeps fluxing from 97 to 102 I cant keep it steady. I went ahead and ordered a new wafer yesterday but they cant ship it till Tuesday and I live in a remote area so I cant get...
  18. Jay262

    Cayuga egg piped day 26

    Looks like quite a early one? You guys think he will hatch early or will he prob still be in there with the others. My incubator is solid full so will it be ok to remove him right away and move him to brooder? This is a very important hatch to me I don't wanna mess anything up so any advice is...
  19. Jay262

    Cayuga eggs day 21 problem?

    I just candled my eggs I have around 20 in the incubator 15 of them look fine there all filled up now like they should be. 5 others the air cells look kinda wonky and there on some of them I can see a black spot? Is this sign of a bacterial problem should I disguard those eggs because I also...
  20. Jay262

    White silke from 2 black silkie parents.

    Im assuming its been some crossbreeding somewhere but anyhow im open to ideas here i think its cute either way and i dont breed my birds for show there just pets but i will put up some pics and feel free to comment on how this might have happened. First pic is baby. Momma Daddys...
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