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  1. DrTheMomm

    Who's eggs are these?

    My little flock has two each of Amberlinks, Australorps, and Speckled Sussexes. Somebody is laying eggs every day, and I don't know whom to thank. I'm guessing it's the Amberlinks. One of them squats. I did a butt check on one of the Amberlinks, and her vent was wide open, and I could get three...
  2. DrTheMomm

    Hi from Texas

    When we bought a couple of rural acres, I wanted to try my hand at raising chickens. Now that I'm retired, I have my first little flock of six chickens. Henry VIII conveniently had six wives, I have six chickens, so my girls are named after his wives. Two are Black Australorps, two are Speckled...
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