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    Limewash is growing mold?

    Hello, My husband and I finished building our first coop about 6 weeks ago. We live in Atlanta, where it can be very humid, but the last month or so humidity has been very low. I whitewashed/limewashed the inside of the coop with hydrated lime at the beginning of September. I noticed...
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    Breathing with mouth open

    Hi - I'm new to keeping chickens, so I'm full of questions and panic easily when I think something is wrong. I don't necessarily think anything is wrong, but I am seeing something new today. I have 13 chickens (11 weeks old). Half of them are breathing with their mouth open today. It's on...
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    Hello, happy to be here

    Hi, I'm a new chicken mom and looking forward to this new adventure. I have wanted chickens for at least 10 years, but I never made the leap until my 10yo daughter started asking about chickens at the beginning of the pandemic. I enjoy city living, but backyard chickens are popular in my town...
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