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  1. HappyChickens101

    Silkie acting weird because I’m trying not to have more baby chicks.

    So one of my silkies has been trying to be a mom by laying in her egg during the day. We’ve been taking the eggs out to eat and not to have chicks. When I reach under her and take it away, she stays there even without the egg. My sister was worried about her because today was 71° and when she...
  2. HappyChickens101

    Hen has what it looks like intestine hanging out of her vent. HELP!

    I checked on my chickens last night and saw that one of my big hens had matted butt feathers. I then saw a little blood but wasn’t too concerned until I moved them around and saw what I thought at first was a large worm. But it looks more like an intestine hanging out. What caused this and how...
  3. HappyChickens101

    Silkies- Do I need to ever trim their face?

    So my silkies have started laying a few weeks ago and one of their faces is getting really full with hair. Is the hair bothering them? Sometimes I find her alone, is it maybe because she doesn't realize the flock left? Also does it bother her that she can't see the best with her hair in her face?
  4. HappyChickens101

    Vacation- leave coop door open at night?!

    So I’m leaving for about a week. Will it be ok to keep my run door open at night because I don’t want to leave my chickens in their coop for that long?
  5. HappyChickens101

    New here!

    Hey I joined so I can make sure my chickens are all safe growing up.
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