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    Help my hen looks like she is about to die but is holding on as much as she can right now. I tried to remove fluid from her and removed 60cc of fluid but after that her combed turned a dark purple which means lack of oxygen and she is coughing up fluid. I thought she was going to die in a few...
  2. Blesser

    Advice on draining a hen with EYP

    My hen angel has eyp. I tried getting an appointment for her to get a hysterictomy but unfortunately where I live it is exorbitantly priced ($1600-$1700 range). So my vet just gave my chicken some baytril tablets which I have to give for 7 days. Today is day 2 on the tablets and today she is...
  3. Blesser

    Need help finding a vet that will perform a hysterectomy in new york

    I'm exhausted trying to find a vet that will perform a hysterectomy on my chicken angel. She is in critical condition and maybe has one or two days left though I hope she has more. I called all yesterday evening and this morning and only one vet said they would do it but not in time. Cornell...
  4. Blesser

    Tylan 50 injectable dosage to give orally for hen with respiratory illness UPDATE READ POST 6

    My hen "Bandage" is shaking her head, sneezing and has abnormal breathing and talking sounds(sound like full mucus in throat when she talks). This started a few days ago. Her breathing is getting slightly better but the other symptoms are not. I want to give her tylan 50 injectable orally to...
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    Please help, I gave my hen injectable Penicillin in the wrong spot, suppose to be in breast muscle. I accidently gave it to her to far to the side, under her wing. It looks like a mass of penicillin under the skin, what do I do? Should I just leave it and hope it reabsorbs or should I remove it...
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    Hen keeps braking soft shelled eggs inside of her UPDATE POST #5

    I have this hen named "Angel" who keeps braking soft shelled eggs inside her. This is maybe the 4th or 5th time that this has happened within this month, never happened before. The first time she broke an egg I injected Penicillin into her breast muscles for 5 days to ward off any infections...
  7. Blesser

    Chicken has strange poo, yellow urine

    Uggh, another chicken sick. My others all have early signs of EYP but this hen is different. Her poop is mostly urine and yellow and has a bit of foam/bubbles in it. I heard yellow is rare and usually caused by liver disease. But her ears look nice and red and no sign of yellow which I heard is...
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    Need advice on EYP chickens and loose stools

    Hi, I recently had 2 girls die of EYP (not 100% positive on first but confirmed positive on second hen when I cut her open). I now have 5 hens, these are red sex links (combination of RIR and something else). They had mites on them so I bathed them yesterday and will dust them later today with a...
  9. Blesser

    What feed to feed my hens?

    I currently have 5 red sex hens (had seven only a month ago). I am so sad about the two that died and I think both died from egg yolk peritonitis which is incurable and prone to these type of hens. They are 2 years 10 months old. I am lucky to get 2 eggs a week from them. I have been feeding...
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    My hen Hanna has a bloated crop and is making gurgling sounds and starts coughing whenever she stands. She is in the bathroom right now and doesn't look too good, keeps closing her eyes and is all puffed up. She has a condition called "egg yok peritonitis" and has small watery stools with egg in...
  11. Blesser

    Need help w/ waterproofing floor

    I have a coop (shed converted to chicken coop) ,the floor gets wet when it rains heavy or when there is a decent amount of snow. There are some thick wood panels(several inches thick)that are embedded into the dirt that serves as the floor. I really hate the floor but it would be impossible to...
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    Sick Chickens

    one of my chickens recently died. I am so sad right now and now 2 more chickens are sick. I only have 6 chickens left. They are 2 years 10 months old. I am lucky to get 2 eggs a week from them, i really don't care about eggs so it doesn't bother me if they lay no eggs as long as their healthy...
  13. Blesser

    My chickens aren't laying as much as they used to

    I have 7 red sex links and I use to be able to get 5-7 eggs a day, lately I've been getting 2-3 eggs everyday (I got them when they were pullets last october). I am a bit worried that I am doing something wrong. I feed them purina layena pellets and black oil sunflowers seeds everyday. They have...
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    Help Sick Hens!!! Updated

    April this year, one of my hens became ill(fluffed up and not moving)- took her to the vet, they took an x-ray and couldn't find anything but she did test positive with coccidiosis, they gave her albon and in a few hours she was back to normal but to this day she has stopped laying. Then in June...
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    My chicken is all puffed up.

    I have a redsex link and she is all puffed up. I felt her and do not feel and egg, so she is not eggbound. I think she has an inflamed oviduct because she walking kind of funny. She was fine this morning and now she's barely moving. She's just standing in one location all puffed up. Is there...
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    Godzilla Egg

    I went in the chicken coop and almost fainted, I found this colossal egg in the nest box. What can I do to prevent this from happening again? Here's a picture: I decided to crack it open- I found a double yolker: Can these kill a chicken?
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    Are my chickens thin???

    I bought these hens last year as pullets. Never again will I buy from the same hatchery. I bought them debeaked, I didn't know they were debeaked until I brought them home. I was planning on returning them the next day but decided to keep them. They eat well, purina layena layer pellets(yes...
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    Chicken pecking other hen

    I have this one hen who keeps pecking on this one particular chickens neck. I keep noticing it, she started a few days ago and I thought that was strange now she's constantly doing it. She only pecks at this one particular chicken, I brought the pecked chicken in the house and examined her...
  19. Blesser

    Deer Netting

    I have to keep my birds confined now after some angry neighbors. If my chickens even set one foot on their yard they would have a heart attack. So I have to keep them fenced up. I was think about deer netting. I like the 3rd post at the following link...
  20. Blesser

    Chicken Shaking Head

    some of my chickens keep shaking their heads like their trying to dislodge something, what could the cause for this be? any ideas please post. Thanks in advance.
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