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  1. arosenzweig

    Omlet = China

    If anyone can recommend a coop that: 1) has wheels 2) is plastic, metal, or aluminum 3) has a run with flared bottom to deter digging predators 4) reasonable price I'm all ears, please tell us, because I thought the Omlet Eglu "go UP" was that product. Unfortunately it is a British Unicorn...
  2. arosenzweig

    Salmonella and you

    Salmonella and you In simplest terms, we get this type of food poisoning from being unclean and eating small amounts of poo. It doesn't float in the air, we don't breath it in, we consume it with unwashed hands or non-cooked meat and dairy. My name is Aaron Rosenzweig. I'm the father in a...
  3. arosenzweig

    Dude where's my car? At City Hall!

    Dude where's my car? At City Hall! City hates our chickens, it's clucked up . My video: Ashton’s video: The above was an excerpt from our thirteenth visit to city hall. Full version is here: Follow up speech given on October 5, 2015 to Gaithersburg City Hall. This is the thirteenth...
  4. arosenzweig

    Tapeworm and Capillaria

    Hi - had poop tested and found: Cestoda (tapeworms) 150 eggs per gram Capillaria 50 eggs per gram Chickens seem fine, it was a routine poop check. I ordered Valbazen from "first state vet" in Salisbury Maryland. On Monday I'll order "mediworm" from Jedds as backup. In reading the...
  5. arosenzweig

    Gaithersburg pet photo contest

    Please Vote for ALL the chicken photos in Gaithersburg’s pet of the year contest: There are five photos of chickens. Please "like" all of them. Note: you need to login to Facebook then hover over the...
  6. arosenzweig

    Big clucking problem in Gaithersburg

    Made front page news of the Sentinel: "Big clucking problem in Gaithersburg" The fundamental issue is: 1) You cannot ban roosters and still allow hens. That's because...
  7. arosenzweig

    Ban all roosters!

    Great idea right? Ban all roosters so that people can raise hens without offending neighbors. It's a compromise but hey, we don't need roosters for eggs... great! WRONG All we really need is a clear ruling on noise nuisance that can be applied to all animals including dogs and chickens...
  8. arosenzweig

    Bone coming out of neck of chicken?

    This is a new development. Looked at the neck of this chicken yesterday and didn't see anything. Today we see a skin sack with something hard in it at the base of the neck. Is it a bone growing? Or maybe... could it be an in-grown feather? Any advice appreciated. Photo attached. Thank you
  9. arosenzweig

    Lifting rooster bans - city hall speech

    Speech given on Dec. 15, 2014 to Gaithersburg City Hall. Roosters are wrongly discriminated against. Not only that, rooster bans encourage abuse of process. Now that we all know chickens are fun pets, lets stop the unjust ban of roosters. The rooster ban fails the “darn good reason” test...
  10. arosenzweig


    Hi, Our black silkie has something on her toe. Could it be Bumblefoot? At this stage, what do you think we should do? Thank you,
  11. arosenzweig

    Day 5 - then what? - Sulfadimethoxine 12.5 % Solution

    The Question: After day 5, then what? The Situation: We adopted two lovelies from our county fair and quarantined them inside the house just to be safe. Well, a day or two later they started acting really sleepy and then we found blood in the stool. Most likely Cocci. In the past, we...
  12. arosenzweig

    Babies to 10 weeks

    Here are some of our favorite photos of our chickens from baby chicks to about 10 weeks of age:
  13. arosenzweig

    Not responding to Corid

    Above is a photo of a poo from our baby Orpington chick named "Annie" from a few minutes ago. This is what we know: Age: 9 days old Oprington chick On Corid: 4.5 days Corid dosage: 1.5 tsp in 1 gallon of water - do not know how much Annie drank. Yesterday evening started using syringe to...
  14. arosenzweig

    Don't fear feeding eggs to chicks

    I had a mental aversion to feeding eggs to chicks. Some people say to hard boil them and crumble the yolk to feed them. Other people say you can scramble them and add some olive oil. Either way... I refrained from doing it until today... I wish I had tried this earlier. In my mind it felt...
  15. arosenzweig

    Tumor? or Sting? in comb of 4wk old silkie-mix

    The comb on this young bird appears to have a problem. Any advice is appreciated. Is it a tumor? a bee sting? Should I worry? This is such a cool bird. at 4 wks old can fly about 20 feet. Very curious and adventurous personality. Willing to be pet and loved on. I have some photos...
  16. arosenzweig

    injured comb - 4wk old bird

    It looks like one of the bubbles on the developing comb of this silkie mix has burst. We lack experience to know if this is a normal part of the developing process or if something else is going on. Maybe a small paper cut from her box? A peck from another 4 wk old chick? What does it look like...
  17. arosenzweig

    Bikini Bird

    "Coco" our 3 week old Silkie - mix is ready for the beach with her fancy bikini:
  18. arosenzweig

    Sick? or Dusting instinct? - 3 wk chick

    Sick? or Dusting instinct? Our "Coco" a nearly 3 wk old silkie-mix, started doing a different behavior that looks like she is sick. It happened earlier today and then she snapped out of it. Now about 2 hours later it happened again and I took a video: Does that look like she is sick or...
  19. arosenzweig

    Peek-a-boo brooder

    I thought you guys might like to see the modification we did to our brooder so we can play peek-a-boo:
  20. arosenzweig

    What is normal breathing? What is normal sneezing?

    What is normal breathing? What is normal sneezing? We recently lost a chick to what we think could be a bacterial infection. She went down real fast like in 19 hours from being perfect and strong to no longer being here. So now we are on hyper alert. What does it mean to have "heavy" or...
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