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  1. DreamsInPink

    I'm trying to learn as much as I can to keep my rooster from turning aggressive

    Hi all... I've been reading a lot on the forums and on the internet in general.. I just processed 11 roosters to reduce some chaos in my flock. What a mess it was before hand. My poor hens... but I am happy to say things are much quieter now. I kept 1 Buff Orpington, 4 months and 1 Silkie...
  2. DreamsInPink

    Has anyone processed Buff Orpingtons for meat?

    I have 24 straight run BOs. I have a LOT of roosters. They are going to freezer camp. One of my questions is, how old should I allow them to get before we cull? I have 2 different age groups and the older ones are definitely maturing. They are always after the hens... (my hens will be SO...
  3. DreamsInPink

    How do I post a video?

    In the forums and more importantly, how do I send a video via private message? Thanks.
  4. DreamsInPink

    Medicated vs Non Medicated for multiple age flock, need response asap

    I have several different ages in my flock. I just got my first egg Sunday. I've not had anymore since then. But I also have 9 chicks that were just hatched on June 13. I've been feeding medicated starter grower from the beginning. I was just advised that I should stop the medicated feed...
  5. DreamsInPink

    Plant identification help please

    Ok, long story short, last fall I went into the hospital for emergency surgery which ended up giving me complications till after January this year. We had made a new flower bed in the front yard, like an island type deal. Anyway, I had some flowers and plants that hadn't made it into the bed...
  6. DreamsInPink

    So much variance in what should be included in dust bath

    I bought the 'kids' a little pool that I intend to fill with whatever is best to use for them to dust bathe in. I plan on putting it in the open area underneath the coop to keep it out of the weather. I've been doing a lot of reading trying to learn what to use, besides just dirt. First I was...
  7. DreamsInPink

    Are my Buff Orpingtons normal?

    Bf and I were sitting in the run today, just hanging with the peeps and I noticed my BO's legs are all really, really pale. Like almost white compared to the legs of my Isa Browns which are much more yellowish. Is that normal?? Thank you!
  8. DreamsInPink

    I have been doing some reading on dubbing.... and I'm curious

    I am just wondering if any of the breeds I'm going to have will need to be dubbed to prevent frost bite... What are some of the breeds that require this procedure?
  9. DreamsInPink

    What did you use on your pop door?

    I'm planning on using a cable of some sort and run it along the ceiling in the coop and have it end in the storage area, so I don't have to go INTO the coop to raise and lower the door. What would be the best thing to use? Thanks.
  10. DreamsInPink

    Aaracana, Ameraucana, (Americana), Easter Eggers

    I'm really new to chickens and I know there are tons of threads and articles and debates about this breed. Here is what I think I know... Easter Eggers are kind of the mutt version of Ameraucana, right? Americana isn't even a breed, it's a misspelling of Ameraucauna, right? But what's...
  11. DreamsInPink

    What breed is this?

    I was looking at the BLRW thread and found this picture, NOT MY PICTURE. The one in the front, light colored. But found it to be beautiful, what kind is it?
  12. DreamsInPink

    Let's talk about worms....

    I live on a farm. I've had many different species of farm animals on my soil. Horses, cows, goats, chickens, ducks.... not to mention dogs and cats... any of which could have had or have had some type of worms. With my horses, goats, dogs and cats, I use a worm preventative schedule...
  13. DreamsInPink

    Buff Orpington chicks shaking their heads? Is something wrong with them?

    I have 12 chicks in a large brooder on my front porch. They are 5 weeks old as of yesterday, 5/8/16. I was visiting with them and checking on them a little while ago and I noticed several, if not all, of them are shaking their heads... not super hard or for very long, but like a dog much...
  14. DreamsInPink

    We had our first injury yesterday :(

    I went out to the coop to check on everyone, I've put a lawn chair in there so I can sit and visit while bf works out there... xD Everybody was clucking around and pretty much doing their normal thing. I was just sitting there and I looked down on the floor and I saw what I thought was a spot...
  15. DreamsInPink

    ACV, garlic and other 'supplements'?

    I just finished reading an article on sour crop and it talks about giving ACV in the water to keep the body alkaline versus acidic and adding a smashed garlic clove to the water can be beneficial as well to fight bacteria and strengthen the immune system. Is there any real scientific basis for...
  16. DreamsInPink

    Massive storm and coop design flaws already :(

    Well, I knew it was going to happen... but do you think my bf would listen? Of course not! :somad We have no overhang on the coop on 3 sides. The high side and each end... the low side has about a 2 foot overhang. Well we got hit with a terrible storm earlier.. and we just happened to get...
  17. DreamsInPink

    How do I add My Coop under my username?

    I tried finding a guide or something but didn't have any luck?
  18. DreamsInPink

    Integration time line?

    I have 3 different age groups of chicks... and 9 babies coming in June. I currently have 2 groups in the coop... not in the run yet, as they haven't been in the coop long enough to know it as 'home' and our run isn't quite finished. I have an introduction pen in the coop with the younger of...
  19. DreamsInPink

    Composting with chickens

    I have read contradicting information regarding keeping a compost pile in the chicken run. I'd really, really like to do this if I could. Less work for me and lots of fun for my chickens. The only thing I'm concerned about really is predator attraction to the compost pile. (but I also read...
  20. DreamsInPink

    Question about windows in the coop

    I'm wondering if I need to have actual windows in the coop as well as all the ventilation up by the roof. One main window I wanted to add will be on the south west side.. so it will be the warmest side in the afternoons. Good in winter, bad in summer. But, I'm also planning on putting...
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