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  1. BReeder!

    The Easter Bunny is Really a Duck

    My ducks are laying eggs all over the lawn. My wife looked out there window this morning and said, "When I go out there I am going to have an egg hunt." There looked to be the eggs in the lawn, each in a different spot. We have the female Rouen ducks who lay anywhere they choose. I believe one...
  2. BReeder!

    Collecting Heirloom Seeds

    Anybody an avid seed collector? A number of the seeds I purchased for the garden this year are heirloom varieties. I would like to attempt to collect some seeds from this years garden for next year. I get the idea of keeping seeds from the healthiest, best producing plants. However, I do not...
  3. BReeder!

    Ground cover for duck run?

    What do you use in your duck pen to cover the ground? I am open to just about anything? Right now there's small/medium boulders and river rock around the pond (much of which the ducks kicked into the pond). The rest of the duck pen has become dirt/mud. It used to br grass and wild plants...
  4. BReeder!

    Rouen Ducks. Surprise Green Egg.

    We have 4 Rouen ducks (3 ducks and 1 drake). I purchased 3 (2 ducks and 1 drake) of them together from Farm and Fleet last Spring. The 4th on free came as a rescue from a family who could no longer keep their ducks. They were just as certain the duck was a Rouen, having purchased it as such from...
  5. BReeder!

    What would you put in your garden for poultry?

    We currently have chickens (8), turkeys (2), ducks (4) and quail (lots!). Although it's the dead of winter here in Illinois this time of year, Spring is not very far off. We will be prepping the garden in late March and starting to plant in mid/late April. We like to grow all sorts of...
  6. BReeder!

    2 drake's and 3 ducks... which drake goes to the freezer?

    I have 5 ducks in total. Two of them are drakes now and they are happily breeding the ducks. One drake is a Pekin and the other is a Rouen. All three of the female ducks are Rouens. The replacement ofthe ducks is all OK. Nobody is super mean and everybody is a bit skittish around people. Now I...
  7. BReeder!

    First Winter with Ducks

    We have chickens, turkeys, quail and ducks. I know the chickens and turkeys will hold up fine in the winter here in Illinois. The quail are going to be housed in cages in our heated garage. I have not yet figured out what to do for the ducks over winter. We currently have 5 ducks, 4 Rouens and 1...
  8. BReeder!

    Looking for Coturnix Quail Cages

    I'm looking for a source for cages for coturnix quail. I need them to have pull out bottoms for cleaning so I can keep them indoors for the winter. I'm not trying to spend $40 for a small cage either. I keeping seeing crazy prices online. I need to house at least 50 quail, so I'm thinking...
  9. BReeder!

    Help sexing rouens

    Do you have any idea what the sex is fir each of our 3 rouens?
  10. BReeder!

    Show me you're quail breeder pens/cages

    I want to finally build some breeder cages. Show me yours for inspiration. Feel free to include tips, dimensions, and other relevant information. As some background, I have coturnix quail and have began hatching our own eggs. I currently have 1 community cage and am planning a second one soon...
  11. BReeder!

    IL - Seeking Rouen Duck

    I'm in Illinois, west of Chicago. I have 3 rouen ducks. 2 appear to be drake's likely. I am seeking female rouens to balance our flock. I am willing to trade Jumbo Brown quail birds, meat or eggs or pay a small but reasonable amount. I only want rouens and only females due to our current situation.
  12. BReeder!

    Show me your duck house

    We have 3 ducks and we'r are currently housing them in our shed coop in their own section. Its not very large, just 4'x4'. They have access to a large run and pond if their own (except a few fish in the pond) all day though. I am sure our setup could be improved, but I don't have much of a...
  13. BReeder!

    Rouen ducks in Illinois

    Anybody have Rouen ducks in IL? Or even NW IN? I have 3 Rouens and 2 are looking like drakes. I really want 2 hens and 1 drake. I am willing to trade the extra drake for a hen if you have an extra in your flock, or buy a young Rouen hen. I could even hatch eggs if you have fertile Rouen eggs. My...
  14. BReeder!

    Turkey crow collar?

    I have seen people who have success with crow collars on roosters. I am wondering if it would work on a tom turkey to keep gobbling to a minimum. We have a 1/3 acre lot with neighbors on both sides and behind us. I have 4 turkeys growing out right now. I would like to keep a tom if I could to...
  15. BReeder!

    Need help sexing ducks

    We have 3 rouen ducks from Farm & Fleet. They are about 2 months old I think. I just put them in the pond today. They were in a brooder until now. I think I have 1 female and two males. I was hoping for 1 make and 2 females... what are your thoughts on the sex of these ducks? Sorry if pics are...
  16. BReeder!

    Intro - after a year...

    I've been on BYC for over a year. I never got my trophy points though for "Introduce Yourself" so here's my intro (possibly for the second time). I am a father and husband with a growing family living in suburban Chicagoland on just a 1/3 acre lot. Backyard chickens is exactly what we have, not...
  17. BReeder!

    New ways to preserve eggs?

    We are getting an average of 5 chicken eggs and 10 quail eggs per day. Or family of 3 cannot consume the eggs fast enough. I am looking to preserve a fair amount for the winter months if possible. Right now we are just giving away extras by the dozens. The neighbors and relatives love getting...
  18. BReeder!

    Rouen Ducks/Ducklings

    I have 3 Rouen ducklings. I am fairly certain they are production Rouens, not show. We purchased them Blain's Farm & Fleet. They are just over 2 weeks old now. We have been feeding them duckling grower feed. They have access to water as well. We used a clean garbage can lid that's about 2'x2' as...
  19. BReeder!

    Turkey growth?

    Does anybody have pics or a source with pics of turkeys growth week by week? A chart wiith expected height and weight would be useful too. I am hatching mixed heritage eggs for the first time sourced locally from a fellow BYC member and want to get a better idea of what to expect.
  20. BReeder!

    Brooder size?

    In the past we have used a DIY built 4'x2'x1.5' brooder or a large Rubbermaid trough. The DIY brooder is pretty beat up after being left outside in the garden over winter. Oops! :oops: The Rubbermaid trough is still an option, but it's primarily my quail brooder and I'm hoping to start hatching...
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