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  1. jimjan

    Lethargic puffy hen

    This is the second time this happened to one of our hens. She just stopped moving around. Wouldn't jump on roost, and just felt swollen and puffy. Stomach felt like full of water. Barely eating. After two days i lovingly put her down this morning. Having had to do this 3 times in the last...
  2. jimjan

    Male pilgrim weight

    So at vet this weekend and got to weigh Louie. He only weighs 11 pounds. He's 2 years old. Is that full grown? Should he be more like 15 pounds?
  3. jimjan

    Goose prep for Winter and pool

    So started getting the goose pen ready for winter. I'm ripping apart pallets and repurposing as wind barrier on pen. Ill keep posting pics here as I progress.
  4. jimjan

    Odd "cut" on bill?

    I noticed this scratch looking thing on Louie's bill yesterday. Any idea? Is this normal? Some specs: they free range on 3 acres, lock up at night in an 8×8 cage, 300 gallon stock tank to swim (filtered mechanical and biological), amd lots of fresh drinking water.
  5. jimjan

    Our geese prefer some kiddie pool to big one

    So confused. We have a small dog kiddie pool that's close to 3 feet wide and 5" high for the geese. They love it. Decided we wanted to get them something bigger so we bought a 6' wide, 2 feet deep galvanized tank. I built a small soil ramp with pavers to get into it (old ramp in the picture...
  6. jimjan

    Normal to have feathers all over the yard?

    I've only had them for a week. They seem to lose little feathers every day. Always has a feather or two hanging from his mouth. Seem content. I posted a pic of feathers on walk way and louie with feathers in his mouth.
  7. jimjan

    Lost wing feathers not growing back

    Hi one of our comets has had a bare patch for going on 5 months. It looked like a dime sized wound at first but then got progressively worse. I sprayed blue kote on it occasionally but that just seems to irritate the poop outta her and everyone else. Not sure it's even needed. Does anyone...
  8. jimjan

    Bringing home geese

    Hi! We are rehoming two geese. Met them and they seem very calm. Anyone know what they are? We've built a cage to lock them up at night, got them a dog house to sleep, and a little starter kiddie pool to splash in. We have 3 acres fenced in. Looking for some advice on how to introduce them...
  9. jimjan

    Where to put access door for Guinea Fowl?

    I'm contemplating getting Jumbo Guinea Fowl and have been figuring out coop ideas. I'm planning on getting the 8' ×8' metal cage from Tractor supply and building an elevated coop inside for them to sleep in. I was thinking maybe I should put the access door for the cage up high, so they would...
  10. jimjan

    Puffy swollen stomach

    Hi all, I have 11 golden comets, and two days ago I noticed one of them was puffy all over and moving a bit slow. The next day she was still this way so I did so.e research on this forum and checked her vent and found no egg stuck. Vent looks clean and moist. I also noticed her belly is pretty...
  11. jimjan

    Janine and Jimmy

    Hey there! We just stumbled on this site and thought it would be fun to try it out. We don't have chickens yet but we're looking forward to building a coop and having some chickens for eggs. We have a good size property so interested in learning the best way to care for chickens and what to...
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