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  1. MyPetNugget

    Deworming chickens

    I read on here that you need to deworm your chickens yearly or every 6 months. I didn't know this and I don't ever want them to get worms. Is there a natural way to deworm them without any medicine? I've also heard somewhere that feeding them squash and things like that will help prevent...
  2. MyPetNugget

    Mixing Oyster shell with Feed?

    I had read somewhere not to mix oyster shell with their feed. I have been doing this ever since they started laying! (ever since this January) Will this affect my chickens or hurt them? Were should I put the oyster shell if it's not in the feed? And also what's so bad about it?
  3. MyPetNugget

    Overheated or something else?

    I went out to the coop today and one of my chickens, Hershey, was just sitting there on the floor. It is VERY hot today and she was panting heavily. When I picked her up she walked one step and then she fell down and rested on her tummy again. I misted her with a hose and put her in a cardboard...
  4. MyPetNugget

    Keeping chickens cool in the summer?

    We just build a new screen door for our coop and they always have water but they still are very hot. I know because they have their wings kind of held away from their bodies and they are breathing heavy with their mouths open. Can chickens swim? Could I put some kind of container out full of...
  5. MyPetNugget

    Chicken keeps pecking other chickens and they are getting hurt

    A week or so ago, the chicken at the top of pecking order got into a fight with another chicken fighting over a nest box. She pecked her comb really bad and was just attacking her. I cleaned the pecked chicken and kept her isolated until she healed, and she hasn't had problems since. However...
  6. MyPetNugget

    Bare spot on keel bone

    I was holding my favorite chicken, Nugget, and then I noticed that she has a bare spot under her. Not on her crop though, like more in the middle of her keel bone. Is she molting? Or could it have to do with pecking order?
  7. MyPetNugget

    Chicken tractor ideas with pictures

    We will be building a chicken tractor soon this Spring, and any ideas and pictures would really help. I would like it to be easy to move, hold about 16 chickens and have 2 egg boxes attached. I like the triangle design alot too.How big are the dimensions suppost to be?
  8. MyPetNugget

    Help! My chicken ate rat bait!

    I was letting them free range and I saw them eating it. About 5 chickens ate half a block. Is there anything I can do?!
  9. MyPetNugget

    Can chickens eat fennel bulbs?

    The stalk and the feathery looking 'leaves' are still on it too. Should I cut any part of it off for it to be safe?
  10. MyPetNugget

    What's wrong with my chicken's comb!!?!

    I went in the coop to collect eggs and I saw oreo with a black spotted comb. I took a picture: It looks a little worse on the other side but she wouldn't let me take her picture. Does anybody know what this is? Any help would really be appreciated.
  11. MyPetNugget

    Chickens won't use the nesting boxes!

    We have 9-10 chickens that have just started laying and 3 of them won't use the nest boxes. I have tried golf balls, easter eggs, changed the straw, and put the chickens in the boxes, but they still won't lay in there. The nesting boxes are 1x1x1 and there is one on the end that is 1x1x2. They...
  12. MyPetNugget

    Help with my signature

    I had a smilie in my signature a while ago, and then today I noticed it was missing. So I went to 'edit' and it was still there, but after I hit the 'preview' button it was gone again. For some reason the 'smilie' button was missing too! Can anybody help me with this?
  13. MyPetNugget

    How long before I get my second egg?

    One of the barred rocks just layed the first egg. It has been 4 days since then and I was wondering when she will do it again. I have the heat lamp on because it is -20 degrees in the coop, and I have oyster shell in their feed. Any help would be appreciated.
  14. MyPetNugget

    The waterer keeps freezing!

    Almost every time I go out in the coop the water is frozen. I replace it every 2 days and lately it has been frozen halfway empty. I am looking for something that is not electric. Do the rubber dishes work well?
  15. MyPetNugget

    How do you post a link?

    I had made a thread about this earlier but somebody said to do it in this forum. I can see the 'link' button but I don't know how it works. Any help would really be appreciated. Thanks
  16. MyPetNugget

    How do you post a link?

    I need some help on this because I just can't figure out how. I can see the 'link' button but I don't really know how it works. Any help would really be appreciated.
  17. MyPetNugget

    Tail Feather Pecking

    I just went out to feed them and then I saw one of the RIRs attacking one of the BOs. Their fight lasted for over 30 seconds, which is the longest chicken fight I have ever seen. Anyway, I went to switch their feeder and they were fighting again! The BOs tail feathers are all missing except for...
  18. MyPetNugget

    Will my chicken get coccidiosis?

    I just let Nugget out of the coop because she was giving me big shiny eyes and the ground was a little damp. Then I remembered that she could get coccidiosis and put her back in the coop. Do you think she could get it? She was on the ground scratching for about 10 minutes.
  19. MyPetNugget

    Is this buckeye a rooster?

    I was thinking it was a he, because it has thicker legs, a "droopy" tail, and is smaller than the girls. If you see the comb and think it's a pullet, just remember that buckeyes don't grow much of a comb. Here are the girls to compare. I didn't get many pictures because they ran...
  20. MyPetNugget

    Count as high as you can before MyPetNugget posts!!!!

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