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  1. Granny Hatchet

    Dont we have a fish guy/gal?

    Morning all, I am getting some angles from Mi. their pet stores have soft water and mine is hard. I dont know the numbers. Is there anything I need to do for these new guys ? I have 3 angels that are doing well in this hard water.
  2. Granny Hatchet

    Broken wrist advise needed

    Hi all, I have a new to me tolbunt rooster (couple weeks) that I just checked on and he seems to have a broken wrist and swollen leg. The wing tip will raise straight up or any way I want to move it. The last couple flight feathers are dragging and the leg on the same side is mildly swollen...
  3. Granny Hatchet

    eye inflamed in 4 month old Jubilee Orphington

    Middle chicken. enlarge to see his eye. Pic sucks , Roo hates me . Is this pink eye ? I lost his dad today , different coop, different problem so he is all the roo I have left in his breed. He acts fine except I believe he cant see well out of that eye. No discharge, playing and living the...
  4. Granny Hatchet

    Prolapse and bleeding

    Hi All, I am trying to treat my first prolapse and suspect there might be more going on. As I want to save this hen I am wondering if the blood is normal for prolapse or if she might of got pecked as well ? If she was pecked are her chances still good or
  5. Granny Hatchet


    Why is it I have to go to a different page in order to see if there are alerts on my thread ? There not showing up and I am missing people because they thing they are being ignored when in fact I dont know they have posted. We didnt have to refresh on the old BYC . New posts popped up when...
  6. Granny Hatchet

    Whats the most beautiful chicken you have ever seen ?

    We want pictures ! Have you ever been rambling through the threads and ran up on a chicken that just made you freeze in your spot and possible even a tear slip out sideways ? I did, Today . Lets see your OMG moments with breed if possible . I am stealing this one from Member @AlleysChicks
  7. Granny Hatchet

    Granny's gone and done it again

    Hi peeps, I have been asked to start a new /continued thread here because Grannys got a big mouth and may be responsible for some glitches on BYC . I have been a member on here for about 3 yrs. and have posted mainly in my own thread. The old thread will not be closed but I do ask my...
  8. Granny Hatchet

    Abbr. Hurt my head

    Hi all, I would like to start a thread and i hope there isnt one already because, well, because I didnt do my H.W. I would also like to dedicate this thread to Twisted Acres . Whos signature tells it all. PLEASE feel free to add any and all you know DD=dear daughter DS dear son...
  9. Granny Hatchet

    some basic info please

    hi, I have been raising chickens for some time. I went to a swap and was possessed by the duck Gods. I bought one white girl duck and put her with my chickens. That is the extent of my knowledge about ducks. I did give her a tub of water to play in but wondering about feed. can she get her...
  10. Granny Hatchet

    Swedish flower rooster in pain

    please help, My rooster got frost bite on all toes of one foot at least half way up. I have seen missing toes from this but never had it. he is growling constantly for what i take to be moaning. I truly want to keep him but i dont want him to suffer during this healing phase. I did see him mate...
  11. Granny Hatchet

    baby with wry tail

    I know its supposed to be genetic but was wondering if anyone has ever tried to treat a 2 week old with vitamins or such I have a 2 week old (guessing) serama frizzle . just getting tail and wing feathers. with bones still forming i even wonder about a splint ?
  12. Granny Hatchet

    Repair work

    Has any one ever repaired the plastic heated water fonts? I have a 3 1/2 gallon from TSC it fills from the bottom and there is a rubber seal down there as well to fill it up without having to take the bottom off. That was leaking and no replacement was available so it was siliconed in place but...
  13. Granny Hatchet


    hi, this is my first serama and i am having a time with it. its 4 days old and i dont see it eating ,drinking or pooping. it is so tiny i cant tell if there is anything in the crop at all. Back ground. malpositioned, feet in air sac. couldnt hatch but did a pip. small amount of blood. quarter...
  14. Granny Hatchet

     Flock raiser

    I feed my flock Flock raiser from day old to death. I also fed this to my guineas I have bought other feeds and scratch grain (they would not eat) including the feed with the mite control in it. Are they missing out on a balanced diet ? I also bought an off brand of layer feed that had a very...
  15. Granny Hatchet

    blood ring or blind

    I received 9 serama eggs in the mail. they went in the bator on the morning of the 21st. I candled at day 3, seen nothing, day 5 showed veining in 4 of them , one a blood ring and the rest were clear. day 7 shows the same thing. I opened 2 to confirm and they didnt look fertile. I wasnt...
  16. Granny Hatchet

    hairy carie keet

    i have 2 nests side by side in my guinea/ rir coop. one nest a guinea and rir is sharing, the other one is one guinea by herself. they are both due to hatch and today i found a dead keet on the floor of the coop. i dont know what happened but i would like to prevent it from happening again. now...
  17. Granny Hatchet

    tractor supply

    what is this please?
  18. Granny Hatchet

    pip or zip?

    hi guys, its not like i havent helped a few chicks out when needed but i have one here i cant figure out. (sorry no pics) it piped last night and the spot is about 1/8th in. long. it is still in the same spot today. when it chirps it just sounds weak. this is a bantam egg. i had the humidity at...
  19. Granny Hatchet


    i have a bantam chick that is white with black bars and or spots coming. if the colors were reversed it would be a barred rock. and ideas please? pale yellow legs and single comb. only about 6 weeks old. no pics at this time
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