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  1. Countrywife

    WTB White leghorns

    egss or chicks at a fair price. Thanks!
  2. Countrywife

    I'm BACK!

    summer is gone, things are getting quiet on the farm, i'm back! Missed you guys.
  3. Countrywife

    Looking for female Peking Duck

    I sort of got a male this weekend, and he needs a friend. Will purchase young, and can pick up anywhere in the I-95 corrider from NC to Maryland this week.
  4. Countrywife

    Opinions please

    I found two broodys this week. I have a chicken tractor that is about 8-10 feet long. I am thinking of putting it in the barn and placing one hen and her clutch in each end to have the babies- opinions of the girls being that close together?
  5. Countrywife

    Things only country kids would say:

    My 15 year old son last week: "I'm trying to build a snowman, but the goats keep jumping up on it!" anyone want to contribute?
  6. Countrywife

    Probably not good

    that I have now taught my flock that if they come out of the field to the back porch I will feed them treats. They tried to follow the kids to the bus stop today. DH catches me, I'm dead. And you see the two in the avatar picture - they just lay on the porch watching the flock with this look...
  7. Countrywife

    Is this confusing

    I posted on CL: Free, white leghorn rooster, you come pick him up. I got an email from someone today saying: I will take two roosters and three hens for them them mate with. Um, didn't say I HAD two roosters and three hens!
  8. Countrywife

    Maran's peoples

    At what age do they start laying eggs? and how much do they lay? I googled it, but couldn't find the answer. thanks!
  9. Countrywife

    Hatching for others

    Admin- I can't figure where to put this, so you can move it if I guessed wrong! Does anyone hatch for others, as in selling to them. I am thinking about posting to CL what I have, and taking orders for hatches. I can't keep hatching for me, but I don't mind doing it for others. If you do it...
  10. Countrywife

    Silly questions but.....

    I got 6 BCM chicks last week. They are in the bathroom cause its cold here. I notice on thier little feathers what I first thought were little water droplets, but now have decided whatever it is, its not water. The chicks will try to pick it off of each other. All my other chicks I have raised...
  11. Countrywife

    Dogs gone wild

    or at least that's what I am beginning to feel like at my house. Yesterday was the Lab and the new blanket. Today, I walk out in the living room to find the german shephard has stolen the husband's hat and is chewing it up. When I point out he should not be doing this, he sneaks back to my...
  12. Countrywife

    Question for quilters please

    Ok, how do you strip quilt? In simple terms, I am old and my brain is tired. I keep googling it, but it gets too confusing. Looking for a quick quilt for a freind of my daughters- she is leaving at the end of the school year to move to another county, and all the girls want to do a memory throw...
  13. Countrywife

    Delinquent dogs

    So, last night I finished an afghan I have been crocheting for the last month. Just a simple non-fancy one for the family to use on the couch. It was kind of late so I threw it up on the back of the couch, you know, sort of draped across the back. Get out of bed at 5 this morning to find it...
  14. Countrywife

    Not chicken related, but I am so EXCITED

    Just got my 14 yo daughter and I tickets to go see Lord of the Dance next week. I have been waiting YEARS to see this, and being as we live in the middle of nowhere, these things don't come close very ofter. I am SOOO EXCITED!!!!!
  15. Countrywife

    I'm getting Copper Marans!

    I am so flippin excited! I have been wanting some for so long, but they are so expensive. There is a guy near me that sells the chicks at $5.00 each, he has a new hatch this week, and my brooder is empty! I can't wait for these to grow up and give me eggs!!! (sshhhh, haven't told the hubby yet)
  16. Countrywife

    Info needed from you smart people that understand this stuff

    70% corn and 30% wheat mix - this is what a man near me is selling, at a really great price. But what would I need to supplement this with for my layers? Is this a good mix or just a waste of money. Thanks!
  17. Countrywife

    Guess what guess what???

    Wow, this is my week. I just sold my very first dozen eggs. At the moment, I have 3- 4dozen in the fridge at home, with 6 more coming every day. So yesterday I sent out an email here at work, there are only like a dozen of us, offering eggs at 1.00 a dozen. I have three orders! Yes, I am a...
  18. Countrywife

    Guess what I did????

    Put together my very first paper piecing square last night. Took like 5 tries, but I finally got one done! This is WAY Cool, and I was so proud!! Thanks Acre for giving me this hint!
  19. Countrywife

    Quilting opinions

    I have a duvet on our queen size bed, love it and ain't giving it up. Problem is, the covers are either all solid colored, or so daggone expensive! I was thinking, if I got material, I could do a quilt pattern, top and bottom, put it together, NOT add the batting, add the buttons, and viola'- i...
  20. Countrywife

    I have eggs again!!!!

    WHOO HOO! I was fixin to have another processing day. I have been buying eggs for a month, which really ticks me off when I have 13 hens of laying age. Went to the barn saturday and found a clutch of 12. More than one has been laying there, I have kept an eye on it. Then I found another spot...
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