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  1. aesch

    Show me your dust baths

    Hello all. I'm needing a way to keep my girls and Mr. Wattles dust baths from the elements. I've tried a few different designs but nothing works too well. Either they can't stretch all out or the rain and snow ruin the mix. (I use DE, premethrim (might not have spelled that right), ash from my...
  2. aesch

    Time to call it quits?

    I have a 2 yr old RIR hen who is struggling. She has sour crop that will not drain no matter how much it's messaged. I have diligently given her water and oil and while she has passed some stool there was nothing remarkable to note. She has also been limping and pecking at the bottom of her...
  3. aesch

    How well do BBs handle cold?

    I have a trio of BBs that are a couple weeks away from their scheduled time of getting processed. The forecast here in lower Michigan is calling for snow. They've been outside all spring and summer without a real shelter except from rain which they didn't use. Should I slap some boards together...
  4. aesch

    When are BBs ready to butcher?

    My 3 toms and 1 hen are approximately 6 months old. How much should they weigh before they go to the butcher's? Also if I start increasing their feed (they free range and get store feed now) will it just turn into fat?
  5. aesch

    Turkey hen behaving badly

    I have 4 turkeys. Two are BBW toms and 2 are SB, one tom and one hen. They were bought as chicks at the same time and have been together since I got them in March of this year. For the most part my hen has largely ignored the toms. They have never attacked her or tried to mate with her. Although...
  6. aesch

    Single drake

    Recently I had 5 of my 6 ducks processed. Couldn't catch that last one no matter how I tried. Since Mr. Quackers managed to avoid the trip to freezer heaven (for now), I'm wondering how he will adapt to the single life. He's a Khaki Cambell, 14 weeks and sexually mature, stays in a 1/4 acre...
  7. aesch

    Finishing my ducks before slaughter

    Hello everyone. I'm getting my four Khaki Campbells (12 weeks), and 2 Pekins (almost a year ... long story), processed in a couple of weeks. I'm not sure about the eating quality of the Pekins, they weigh about 12 lbs each, but was told the KCs should be fine although they are only about five...
  8. aesch

    Egg predator maybe?

    I had a BO go broody on the 5th this month and put 8 eggs under her. I numbered and dated each one. She has successfully raised two sets of chicks, so I am confident of her mothering skills. Yesterday three of the eggs were broken but uneaten. Three were missing. The other two were intact...
  9. aesch

    Culling the beasts

    I have to cull the first of four roosters and am having trouble steeling myself to do this. I would love to keep him but he's extremely aggressive with the ladies and they all run whenever they see him coming. And he's wearing out my 1-1/2 year old experienced rooster from having to keep him in...
  10. aesch

    Hen stealing new chicks

    Hello and thank you in advance for any answers you can give me. I have a hen who is hatching eggs today and one of the other hens is trying to steal the new chicks. She has gone so far as to roll an egg out of the nest and tucked it under her. I found 2 dead chicks that were apparently...
  11. aesch

    Where does a chicken build a nest?

    One of my girls has disappeared and I can't find her anywhere. She has returned to the fenced-in pen a few times but I can't figure out how she gets out (none of the others can get out and she can't fly), or gets back in. I'm quite sure she's sitting on a nest but where? How far will they range...
  12. aesch

    Taming Foghorn

    I'm fairly new at raising chickens. My mother was reared on a farm and 100 or so chickens wasn't unusual so I heard many hand-me-down stories from family. Unfortunately they were pretty much gone by the time I came along. Yet the urge to hear the little peck of hen's beaks got the best of me and...
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