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  1. MisplacedRedNeck

    forbidden letters

    okay so the way this works we arent allowed to say certain letter until someone slips up and accidentally says them. for example if i banned the letter R then no one can say it in a sentence so instead of saying "that was super freaky" you would say "that was intensely odd." or something like...
  2. MisplacedRedNeck

    what if?

    basically this is what if. for example, i say what if it started to rain bubblegum? and then the next person says "i would eat it all. what if you could turn into a goat? then someone says "that would be awesome what if everyone ran out of butter" and so on and so on. you answer a what if and...
  3. MisplacedRedNeck

    three words at a time

    the way this works is we will try to make a story as long as possible using only three words at a time. example player 1: there's a man example player 2: who loves to example player 3: eat lots of example player 4: nice crispy bacon etc. etc. etc. if more than three words are used we have to...
  4. MisplacedRedNeck

    the results of the 200th post contest!

    And after 3 days, 200 posts came into the contest! and the winners of eternal glory (on any of my threads) IN FIRST PLACE IS...... CHICKENDIVA25! in second place is.....thekid! honorable mentions include zinnia-hen, justbugged, and bigb-71. LET'S GIVE THEM A ROUND OF SMILEY APPLAUSE, SHALL WE...
  5. MisplacedRedNeck

    things you love about bacon!

    the best meat ever made. post anything and everything you love about bacon (favorite style, favorite meal to eat it with etc.) WARNING: this might not become a very popular thread because i dont know how many byc members love bacon and im not very good at making long threads anyway.
  6. MisplacedRedNeck

    200th post wins this game!

    the person who posts the 200 post wins (post can be about anything)\\ this is #1 (all BYC rules apply to posts, keep it clean!)
  7. MisplacedRedNeck

    favorite band (or musical artist) ever?

    whats everyones favorite band or artist? (the white stripes for me)
  8. MisplacedRedNeck

    how much would you have to be paid to...?

    the title states what this is. someone says (for example) how much to drink a 2 liter of red bull. tell how much and then post a new " how much to" question. first question, how much to eat a rotten egg?
  9. MisplacedRedNeck

    would you rather....

    i got bored an would you rather is one of my favorite games. so would you rather, jump of a 30' building on to a mattress or run full speed face first into a brick wall?
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