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    Hen being lethargic ?

    My Silver Wyandotte is being very lethargic, just sitting around the yard all day. She hasn't been running with the flock on our 2 acre property in the last 3 or 4 days. Head is up, alert and sitting like on a nest. Acting very calm and mellow. Comb is red, eating and drinking, no signs of...
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    Crooked neck turkey ?

    One of my 19 week BBB turkey can't/ won't extend his neck. It rests it's head on his back with his neck down like a "J" shape. No sign of damage or feather loss and his been in the 20x20 pen with 3 other turkeys the whole time. I appears he is eating and drinking okay, but what's wrong and what...
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    My ducks ate a pool noodle , now what ?

    My free range ducks found a green pool noodle left out by grand kid, and it looks like swiss cheese now. They act fine, anything I need to do or be worried about ? -Thanks
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    Chickens, ducks, and turkeys in planted fields ?

    Farmer got the soybeans in a few weeks ago and the sprouts are about 2" to 3" high. Mainly in the evening the birds like to go out in the field to scratch and peck like birds do. I don't want to cause any crop damage, but it's hard to tell if they are just looking for bugs are scratching up last...
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    Khaki Campbell , male or female ?

    I have 3 straight run KC ducks that are almost 3 months old . Two have blackish colored bills, and one has a yellow/olive colored bill. Does the bill color at this age indicate male or female ? -Thanks
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    Adding new chicks to coop with nest boxes ?

    In a few more weeks my chicks will be ready to join the adult chickens in the coop. I can't block off the nest boxes because the other hens use them, so how do I keep the new ones from sleeping/pooping in the boxes ? -thanks
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    When can ducklings be moved outside ?

    I have 3 Indian runner, 3 kaki cambells , and 3 Cayugas that are around 4 weeks old ( I think the Cayugas are closer to2 1/2 to 3 weeks). They are rapidly out growing their 4'x4' indoor brooder. I'd like to move them to the barn in a 8'x8' pen with a heat lamp. Highs are hovering in the low to...
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    Sexing ringneck chicks ?

    Farm store will be getting straight run ringneck chicks this year, what's the best way to sex them ? -Thanks
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    Sexing turkey chicks ?

    It's almost "chick days" time at the farm store and my daughter is really hoping to get a male broad breasted bronze turkey this year. Last year we got two females, since they are straight run. Any tips on sexing them ? I've been told males have a more squared head and females more rounded, is...
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    Adding a goose to the flock ?

    We have chickens , a turkey, and down to one duck. I was thinking of adding a goose to help out with the hawks, is it worth it ? I don't want to hear honking all day long or have my grandkid chased, what's a good breed ? I assume females are more docile ? Dog friendly ? Do they really keep the...
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    Mixing young ducks with adult male ?

    I have a year old male Ruen duck, all females have been killed by predators. I'd like to add three female Ruens ducklings to my duck flock, but I'm not sure how well the drake will accept them. What age is a good to put them in the coop and run with the drake ? What issues are there to consider...
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    Hawk ruined my day

    I had a male and female pair of Ruien ducks that were never more than 3 feet apart , ever. they just turned 11 months old and we were looking forward to eggs in the next few weeks. I see the drake in the duck house, alone and I already knew she was gone. Found her in the wetland/ drainage ditch...
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    Rooster limping, sitting all day

    As reported in another post, my dog got a hold of my Buff Orp rooster. Mostly feathers under the tail pulled out and some scuffs and abrasions. Been treating it with topical poultry spray and neosporene. The first few days he limped slightly but would move around the yard a little, now he has a...
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    Dog got rooster, what to do ?

    My dog got a hold of my Buff orp. rooster and it has a 3" diameter bald area under the tail feathers with a couple of puncture wounds, not very deep and very little blood, He seems okay, minus his pride, is there anything I should put on the wound or just let it heal on it's own / Winter is...
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    When are male Broad Breasted Bronze turkeys mature ?

    When are Broad Breasted Bronze turkeys considered mature adults ? At what age do the males fan out their tails, strutting and gobbling ? I have one that is 6 months old , and thinking it may be a hen even though it's a little bigger than the other hens. It has never gobbled, fanned it's tail or...
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    Percent protein in feed if free range ?

    My ducks and chickens are allowed to free our 2 acres all day. I put out bowls of All Flock pellets that are 18% protein to supplement their diet. They also enjoy whole corn as a treat. I found an "off brand" of layer pellets that is 16% protein , but cost $4 less a bag when it'd on sale. Will...
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    Male Bronze breasted turkey ?

    I have two bronze breasted turkeys (look like wild turkeys ) about 18 weeks old, I think they are both male but not 100% sure. If they are , at what age will they start gobbling and fanning out their tails ? -Thanks
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    Rouen Ducks and eggs ?

    I got a male and female pair of rouen ducks (flightless mallards) that are about 16 to 18 weeks old. When should I expect to start finding eggs ? Anything to do to help them lay inside their coop ? Will they try to hatch them this time of year ? -Thanks
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    Moving a chicken coop ?

    Thinking of moving the coop closer to the house, just a better location for many reasons. It will be about 50 feet from where it is now. Chickens free range all day so they go in that area all the time. Will The move confuse the chickens at night as to where to go ? Will it stress them into stop...
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    Lead exposure to chickens ?

    What concerns should I have with lead exposure to chickens as they free range ? There is a small "shooting range" on the property with a dirt berm back stop. The chickens go all over the place free ranging, should I be concerned with them eating lead fragments and then me eating their eggs or...
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