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  1. DdachickenBoy

    23 hens and rooster for sale!

    I am selling 23 hens and 2 roosters! All of them are between 10 weeks and 6 months of age! I’m asking $30 for each of my 6 month old deleware hens, $20 for Each of my 10 week old Easter egger hens And 10 week old White Cochin hens, $30 for my 12 weeks old male/female pair of French blue copper...
  2. DdachickenBoy

    Miracle egg!!!

    My first chicken who was also my favorite chicken was eaten by a fox but I found 3 of her eggs in the fridge that were 2 weeks old. I threw them in the incubator just to see what would happen and 1 out of three is developing! I will post updates every couple days on its progress! Today is day is...
  3. DdachickenBoy

    Hen adopting chicks

    I have a silkie who is due to hatch 6 eggs in half a week but I also have chicks coming in 2 and a half weeks can I switch out the chicks when they get here?
  4. DdachickenBoy

    In need of drake and hens!

    I guess I’m lucky I got 4 unsexed ducks from tractor supply all are girls! But I wanted a drake! I need a drake and if possible a couple hens preferably Khaki Campbells! No younger than 8 weeks and no older than 2 years. I am located in Aiken SC and willing to drive at most and 1 1/2 hours.
  5. DdachickenBoy

    Duck breed help!!!!!

    I got my first ducks 9 weeks ago and all are girls according to voice sexing and vent sexing! I go these two weird ones from Tractor Supply and assume that they are Muscovies but they won’t tell me what hatchery they use so I figured I would come to the experts! They are about 9 1/2 weeks old...
  6. DdachickenBoy

    Silkie Hens

    I am looking for 2-3 silkie hens that are no older than a year and no younger than 4 months. I am willing to pay up to $30 a hen. I prefer blue or splash but I am not picky!
  7. DdachickenBoy

    Free Ranging Guineas

    I am looking Into getting guineas for tick control but I have a question that I can’t seem to find an answer to. I would like to know if I can free range guineas by a busy road? I have 10 acres 6 open 4 woods however it is all on the busiest road. If I free range guineas on the back will they go...
  8. DdachickenBoy


    I know this is not the best place to put this but I am desperate! I have a gorgeous bearded silkie rooster that I need to find a home for! He is great with other roosters and does great in small breeding ratios. The only bad thing about him is he likes his space so if you get to close or he...
  9. DdachickenBoy

    Free Silkie Roosters to good home Aiken, SC

    I have two White Silkie roosters that are in need of a new home one bearded and one non-bearded. They are both about 8 1/2 months old. The non-bearded is very friendly with humans and is okay with other roosters as long as he as a good hen ratio. The bearded is great with other roosters even in...
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