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  1. Barbara9642

    never mind

    don't need to be chased when someone has no answer.
  2. Barbara9642

    Free Range with dogs...

    If you figure out a way to keep the dog from eating goat poop, let me know. But he doesn't bother chicken poop, and he is in a 10 acre field, I don't clean it.
  3. Barbara9642


    The only reason this flashlight is not lost is cause it belongs to the Police Department. Every other stinkin light you buy in this house disappears. I had not thought of it, but the toilet paper roll would work too.
  4. Barbara9642

    Should you always hear chripping before they hatch??

    I gotta laugh at you two. MY husband is the most patient man in the world, God Bless him. He worked nights for a year and a half - one morning he came home, went to sleep, woke up to find a cow in the back yard. I love this man. And we are opposite- dh was raised in the south on farms, I was...
  5. Barbara9642

    Candeling question

    OK, I candled again tonight, and they mostly cleared. The one I took the picture of still has a faint ring, but it also has a dark spot like all the others, as in looks big enough to maybe be a chick. I do have one egg that has a black spot inside of it. Not a little spot either. I have removed...
  6. Barbara9642


    The husband is a Law Enforcement Officer- best flashlights in the world. I "borrow" it, and have been using an old paper towel tube- flashlight in one end, egg on the other. I have white eggs- but it has been working great.
  7. Barbara9642

    Anyone hatching on 20/21st August?

    I set a dozen on 8-1- candled tonight and at least some are viable. I should hatch about the 21st - somemone correct me if I am wrong, cause I am on vacation 15, 16, and 17. I thought it would be ok if my neighbor would come put water in the incubator, and I should stop turning on 18 I think...
  8. Barbara9642

    Candeling question

    OK, I'm Back!!! I have some Leghorn eggs (i found the birds a couple weeks ago local, and the man was giving them away.)- Anyway, I started my first incubator hatch on 8-1. We candled tonight, and the pictures are matching what is on the site here, good air pockets, bits of little blobs, that...
  9. Barbara9642

    I have a baby!!!

    Went out to the barn this morning, and there it was, peeking at me from under her momma's feathers- YEAH!! I have no idea how many or anything- just saw the one so far, I am at work now so I can't check.
  10. Barbara9642

    Looking for white leghorn eggs

    Hey guys- sorry I took so long- my daughter is in the hospital in labor, been there since about 3 yesterday, no hatch yet LOL- I will get back to this, just a bit busy right now, running in and out of the house. Thanks so much for the responses!
  11. Barbara9642

    Looking for white leghorn eggs

    anyone got any to sell?
  12. Barbara9642

    What Highlanders Do when they're bored * I'm MOVING TO WALES LOL*

    That was incredible! How cool.
  13. Barbara9642

    I shoulda had my head checked

    Put up a hotwire. Keeps my herd in, which ranges in size from 4 to 40 over the years. And yes, they will open gates, jump fences, wiggle under. The places I have found goats IN the field are amazing. Once had one get itself stuck in the chipper in the barn. Yes, the chipper was off, and he...
  14. Barbara9642

    Thinking about getting a dog or two

    What do you want the dog to do? Then narrow the breads- and remember- herding and guarding dogs are very, very different.
  15. Barbara9642

    My fellow North Carolinians

    Little giant 9200 with fan and turner- pretty daggone good deal - i have it running now.
  16. Barbara9642

    Any easy way to give a cat a pill??

    I get the husband or son to hold the cat, shove it down his throat and run for the first aid kit for said husband or son. Your cat has my sympathy- I have the same thyroid issue, only I am getting old and fat with it.
  17. Barbara9642

    Do you limit goat and sheep feed to your animals?

    Kuntrygirl- asking questions is not ignorance. It is intelligence. Free minerals are just vitamins for goats. You can order them online, I myself have never found them in a feed store. You put them out for the goats and they eat what they want- hence "free minerals". DH made a PVC pipe holder...
  18. Barbara9642

    Jimmijo and Handsome the horse

    What a good horse. If I could get one like that I would have one! Lovely DGD too LOL
  19. Barbara9642

    Do you limit goat and sheep feed to your animals?

    As far as what type of hay- if you can get access to it, rotate it. One is never perfect. I simply get what is local- less cost that way. They are goats, they don't have the fussy digestive systems like horses do. You can rotate or just take whatever your local supplier has. I used to live in...
  20. Barbara9642

    Do you limit goat and sheep feed to your animals?

    Oh my, unlimited feed gives me visions of VERY bloated goats. Um, no, the little suckers will eat that sweet stuff forever, and will graze nothing. We do grazing only in spring, summer, fall- with a supplement of all you can eat hay. Only because my neighbor grows it, and brings me what the...
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