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  1. Kitty&Eva

    Does anyone feed their chickens spent grains from beer brewing?

    We just started home brewing and are making our first batch of India pale ale right now! Brewing 5-6 gallons of this recipe produces a pound or so of spent grain - malted barley, which is barley that has been germinated, then dried (and now is wet after steeping them) I just gave a little bit...
  2. Kitty&Eva

    caring for post-egg-bound hen

    Hi, My year old Buff Orpington just passed an eggbound egg - I have never had that before, it was scary. Thanks to some of the previous topics I knew to put her in a warm bath and it came out. We've been noticing things weren't quite right with her over the last few weeks. About a month and...
  3. Kitty&Eva

    Heat, light, or Sleep

    Temperatures here have been dropping into the teens. We have a light in white light in the coop, but if we keep it on the chickens stay up and party in the coop. The nice thing is that they have been laying more than one egg a day each. Does anyone have a solution? I think a red heat lamp...
  4. Kitty&Eva

    New York Times article - chickens in an apartment

    This is a really cute article about some city dwellers who came into possession of some chicks - check out the pictures - crazy looking coop! Personally, I can't believe they have the chickens inside. As much as I love...
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