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  1. HongKongFuy

    Online Feed...

    Where would you say is the best on-line place to order Chic Feed? What I’m looking for is a nice price, good-ok feed and free shipping. (Any coupons would be nice)
  2. HongKongFuy

    Nesting Box Division?

    In a few months my girls are gonna wanna lay so do I really need the dividers in the nesting box and if so why? Thanks, HKF
  3. HongKongFuy

    I got ants in my...

    Yard... No not ants in my pants. hehe What is the best way to kill the ants and not worry that my chicken’s eating the ant poison? I have heard that instant grits or instant rice kills ants but it only works so-so for me. What say you? Thanks! HongKongFuy
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