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  1. Neighborhood Chickens

    Chicken won't come out of coop

    We had a sick chicken and I posted a thread about putting her back with the flock after isolation. Thank you for your suggestions! She is doing ok - the other chickens for the most part ignore her and no one is actually pecking her - only dashing towards her a bit. Normal behaviour I think - as...
  2. Neighborhood Chickens

    Hens picking on one introduced back into flock

    We had to isolate a hen (flock about 14 weeks old ) that was sick. All ok now and vet said put her back with flock. Now the others are picking on her and she has to stay hidden. Is there any help for her? I cannot keep her isolated and now it is getting cold so she needs to be in coop. She is...
  3. Neighborhood Chickens

    Disease in chickens

    I'm sorry my photo is sideways. We got a new flock of chickens and have had them about 2 months or so. Several have begun this way. Bad eye. Then they start not moving, then they die. Any idea what is going on? Another one showing symptoms this morning. She looks all wet because we sprayed some...
  4. Neighborhood Chickens

    Chicks won't get on roost

    We have a new bunch of 18 chicks. They range from 2 to 4 months old and we have had them about 3 weeks. The place we got them from just had a box they went into a night. No roost so they slept on the floor in a bunch. We have a beautiful hen house that is 8' X 10' with ample room and several...
  5. Neighborhood Chickens

    My rooster and his red bottom

    My roo has this approx 4 inch spot on his hind end under his vent. It is bright red, but does not look like it is inflamed or broken open any place. But lots of broken off feathers. Just the tips of the feathers left in his skin. It is hard to see because the rest of his tail feather sort of...
  6. Neighborhood Chickens

    Rooster picking on 1 hen

    I have a small flock of 7 hens and a roo. But one of my hens, a small Americana, cannot come out of the house or small yard because the roo attacks her every time - so she has to stay in the house and not free range with the rest of them. She tries to come out but if he spots her, he comes...
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