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  1. Just Clucky I Guess

    Our first ever egg with pix and a mystery!

    Yesterday I let my birds out at about 6:30 then worked on feed, water, fodder, and coop chores for about 90 mins and went to check for eggs as iv been doing for since they were way to young to lay. This is my first flock and I’m learning as I go. The flock consists of: 8 Pekins 4/4 ducks to...
  2. Just Clucky I Guess

    My Crested White Duck is sick (please help)

    Yesterday Morning my wife noticed one of our crested white ducks closing her eyes a bit and this morning she didnt want to come out of the coop with the rest. I isolated her right away now at 4:00pm she just wants to sleep. She appears to have taken water today at some point But she’s refusing...
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