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  1. Barbara9642

    never mind

    don't need to be chased when someone has no answer.
  2. Barbara9642

    Candeling question

    OK, I'm Back!!! I have some Leghorn eggs (i found the birds a couple weeks ago local, and the man was giving them away.)- Anyway, I started my first incubator hatch on 8-1. We candled tonight, and the pictures are matching what is on the site here, good air pockets, bits of little blobs, that...
  3. Barbara9642

    I have a baby!!!

    Went out to the barn this morning, and there it was, peeking at me from under her momma's feathers- YEAH!! I have no idea how many or anything- just saw the one so far, I am at work now so I can't check.
  4. Barbara9642

    Looking for white leghorn eggs

    anyone got any to sell?
  5. Barbara9642

    My fellow North Carolinians

    anyone have any eggs I could buy? I know there were some of you close to me- out around Cumberland/Bladen/Sampson Counties. I am going to pick up my new incubator today, too hot to buy eggs in the mail, but if there were some close I would like to play- all the fertile eggs I have my new broody...
  6. Barbara9642

    Candeling question

    How do you candle a very dark, very hard shelled brown egg?
  7. Barbara9642

    I have a BROODY!!!!

    LOL - my first, can you tell? She started to sit during the day on the 4th, got off that night to feed, back on, back off on the 5th, last night did not get off at all. I noticed a new egg every day she did get off, and no, it wasn't another hen. This one is sitting in a little spot she made for...
  8. Barbara9642

    Incubator opinons please

    HOVABATOR INCUBATOR 1602N & AUTOMATIC EGG TURNER 1611, it is 80.00 for the whole set up. anyone experienced hatchers have an opinion on this one? I know about the automatic 1588 but this is half as much money, and way more likely to agree with my husband and my wallet. It is actually on ebay...
  9. Barbara9642

    NC/S- anyone want to trade?

    I have a few Buff Orphingtons, they are laying and come with a rooster- would love to trade for the same thing in RIR. Anyone interested? I live Easter NC- not far from SC.
  10. Barbara9642


    Sorry, I have been remiss. I came in cause I had trouble and never properly introduced myself. I am Barbara from NC, have lived on the farm bout 7 years. I have had a ton of chickens over the years, and never did well with any of them. Ran into trouble again and found you guys. I already know a...
  11. Barbara9642

    What is everyone using to store eggs before incubating

    I was researching and it says a special refrigerator. That you can't use your normal one and you can't keep them room temp. If I tell hubby I need an incubator AND an extra refrigerator he is gonna shoot me. Could I have some practical ideas???
  12. Barbara9642

    nesting material

    looking for some ideas- i have a nice coop, wonderful nesting boxes. I am using old straw for nesting material, but its getting to the time of the year the snakes start sneaking around. I HATE sticking my hands in the straw looking for eggs- they like to hide them on me- any other ideas what I...
  13. Barbara9642

    Hovabator by GQF

    Anyone have any experience with this manufacturer? Or a recommendation. I ask about this one because it is rather inexpensive on ebay, with the fan and egg turner. I just want something to hatch about a dozen or so every now and again. Thanks
  14. Barbara9642

    Bully chickens

    I have looked around, but can't find this one- my large hens are killing my small hens. This is not the first time this has happened to me, can you not put two flocks together? I have had multiple breeds do this- what am I doing wrong? I have them in a very nice little house with a running pen...
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