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  1. drpeeps2014

    Mixed Lavender/Wheaten ameraucanas, black/blue/splash marans, Delaware, BLRW, welsummer

    18 count hatching eggs for sale. Below is our mixed flock of colored egg layers. Our flock hens: welsummer, delaware, purebred wheaten and lavender ameraucana, black and splash marans, olive egger (welsummer x ameraucana cross), black laced red wyandotte Our flock roosters: delaware, black...
  2. drpeeps2014

    Cuckoo Lavender Ameraucana - 12+ NPIP Certified WV 122

    Good job on packing, despite the box looking pretty beat up, all eggs were intact!
  3. drpeeps2014

    New Farm, Help Me Name It! De Leon Springs, FL

    Thanks Jillian! Glad you are enjoying her!
  4. drpeeps2014

    New Farm, Help Me Name It! De Leon Springs, FL

    My significant other and I will be moving to our new farm this week! Finally! Technically, I will still be living most of the time in Gainesville because I am a veterinary student, but I graduate in May. We have been waiting for this for a long time! I need help naming it! The previous owner...
  5. drpeeps2014

    Is there a way to keep a duck brooder dryer?

    Has anyone tried putting a food AND water dish inside the milk jug? Seems like that would prevent the running back and forth to get the food wet and condense the mess just to one area.
  6. drpeeps2014

    DE Food Grade~ Where is the best place to buy this bulk from???

    tiffany g2: Did you go to and look at the distributors list yet? Bear Foot Farm: Quote: Actually it's not a different form, since Food Grade DE IS an "insect killer" That's it's ONLY proven use The filter type is the one that is heat treated...
  7. drpeeps2014

    What's Your Favorite Vacuum Cleaner?

    i just picked up a eureka $50 cheapie lightweight from bed bath and beyond. used one of their 20%off coupons. works great for being lightweight and cheap!!
  8. drpeeps2014

    DE Food Grade~ Where is the best place to buy this bulk from???

    the DE in insect killer or for pool filters from the store is in a different form than food grade which is why it is unsafe to breathe or ingest!
  9. drpeeps2014

    Incredibly painful heartburn. suggestions the rolaids are not working

    More natural way: Before this I was on Prevacid indefinitely, which is not healthy. Papaya Enzyme DGL Licorice Probiotics
  10. drpeeps2014

    Need formula advice for heritage chicken feed

    If they will be used for meat or eggs: In my experience I have purchased meat from a farm that was feeding fish meal, and it was the worst meat I have ever tasted. It was VERY fishy tasting. I couldn't eat it. I think this only occurs when feeding above a certain percentage of fish meal to...
  11. drpeeps2014

    New pup w/ a skin issue

    Quote: If the scratching is severe, you should ask the vet to give a steroid injection. Even though he's on antibiotics to clear up the infection, if he keeps damaging the skin by scratching, the infection might come back. Oatmeal or soap-free shampoo is safe to use several times per week...
  12. drpeeps2014

    Worming- when do you do it?

    Quote: How long after worming are eggs edible again? Depends on the wormer. I know one person that uses the same wormer I do - valbazen (albendazole) and doesn't throw the eggs away at all. While I wouldn't recommend that, I can tell you that albendazole is what is commonly prescribed to...
  13. drpeeps2014

    leafy greens=healthy hatched chooks?

    Many mineral deficiencies cause low hatchability. These minerals are usually found in dark greens. If you are using a good quality feed the vitamins and minerals will be balanced appropriately (if you are feeding the recommended amounts), but if it is lower quality, supplementing greens may be a...
  14. drpeeps2014

    scabies - can chickens get scabies and how do you treat for them?

    Mange is simply any disease of the skin caused by mites. Also known as canine scabies, sarcoptic mange is a highly contagious infestation of Sarcoptes scabiei canis (Scabies mite), a burrowing mite. The canine sarcoptic mite can also infest humans (scabies), cats, pigs, horses, sheep and...
  15. drpeeps2014

    Eggs possess a peculiar aftertaste...

    Maybe some strange type of bugs came through and they ate them?
  16. drpeeps2014

    Here's a question I havent seen

    Quote: Sorry sorry, I took Welsummers first sentence the wrong way! woops! I wasn't implying that you are able to actually do it! I was just commenting that it's not done in cats because it is easy. It is the equivalent of amputating a persons fingertips, not just the nail, same as it would be...
  17. drpeeps2014

    Here's a question I havent seen

    Quote: Most people don't realize this but, removing a dogs nails would be just the same as a cat declaw. The procedure removes the last bone in the digit that the nail is attached to. It is a very painful surgery.
  18. drpeeps2014

    Here's a question I havent seen

    If someone holds like this, they cant get away from you: Except do this on the floor, and put a knee on top to help hold down. make sure the persons forearm is across the dogs neck and the legs ar stretched out. If they cant get their head up or their legs under themselves, they cant go...
  19. drpeeps2014

    Hello from sunny Florida

    welcome from gainesville, fl!
  20. drpeeps2014


    allowed 2 hens in city limits must have 3+ acres if outside city limits I know...doesn't make sense!
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