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  1. mommahen64

    Help please? Little oegb bantam panting, wings down

    Hi, one of my girls is acting strange...panting heavily, wings down a bit, very docile and she usually isn't easy to pick up. Three years old. Thoughts?
  2. mommahen64

    Hen broke her leg - any advice/experience with this?

    Hi, My RIR hen broke her femur today. The vet has seen her and said surgery (metal plate and pins) is an option but it is cost prohibitive for me. They also said I could take her home, give her some pain meds, and see if she'll heal up on her own. She's here in my living room in a cage...
  3. mommahen64

    Good news and bad news on my Aracaunas?

    Hi, the good news is that my little aracaunas are starting to lay pretty green eggs. The problem is they are really small - about the size of the eggs my bantams lay. Is that normal? Will they get bigger as they get more 'practice'? The birds are bigger than my two Reds, who lay good sized...
  4. mommahen64

    Older hen laying eggs with soft spots - worry?

    I adopted two RIRs from our local shelter and they are full grown. I don't believe that either of them is new to laying - got them at Christmas time and they were already big. One of them is laying eggs with soft spots and thin shells. Should I worry? Is there a danger it will break while...
  5. mommahen64

    Soft Egg from a newly adopted RIR orphan

    Hi, I have recently adopted two RIR hens from a local shelter. No idea how old they are but they are adults. They didn't lay until recently (been here a few weeks). One, I don't know which, is laying beautiful big brown eggs, but the other's have small soft spots on the smaller of the...
  6. mommahen64

    Deramycin 10 - any help with dosing??

    I have some hens who are gurgling and sneezing. Still eating well and active. Vet checked them out and didn't know what it was but nobody has gotten worse in a week. Just keep gurgling and sneezing. I'd like to give them some deramycin in their water and see if I can clear them up a little...
  7. mommahen64

    black spots on comb? Is this normal?

    Hi all, one of my barred rock hens has black spots on her comb and the comb itself looks a little odd. Is she ok? Otherwise fine - laying well, eats like a champ, no other unusual behavior. Thanks!!!
  8. mommahen64

    Should I get my 20 week old D'Uccle a buddy?

    Hi, I had 6 original birds, then added three (2 d'uccles and a silkie). The six and the three got along ok, but didn't fully integrate. Then two of the three turned out to be roosters, and I had to rehome them. That left the little d'uccle hen alone. She is ok with the other birds, but they...
  9. mommahen64

    ENORMOUS egg????

    Hi, one of my barred rocks gave us an enormous egg is about two and a half times the size of the normal. Why and is it (and she) ok? She seems to be but just want to be sure.....
  10. mommahen64

    any physical therapy ideas for a roo with a bad leg?

    I have a little d'uccle roo who was injured by his brother who thought he was a 'she'. He is unable to stand, but has use of both legs and will kick and grip my fingers. He's been lying around and I want to try to get him back on his feet. Has anyone done anything like this in the past and if...
  11. mommahen64

    Layer Feed and risks to younger birds?

    Got my first eggs yesterday and today! When can I move to layer feed and what is the risk to the younger birds I have (approximately 3-4 weeks behind the ones laying now)? Thanks for your help!
  12. mommahen64

    6 wk old d'uccle roo - puffed up, retracting head, not eating

    Hi, I came home today and found my little roo acting strangely. He's puffing up his feathers, his tail is down, he's not hanging with his pals, and he's pulling his neck in like a turtle. He's also not eating any food / treats tonight, although I did see him drink. He has a nice coop with...
  13. mommahen64

    What type of bantam is this??

    no idea what these are....from TSC. Approximately 11 weeks old. Thanks for your help / thoughts.
  14. mommahen64

    Another Silkie behavior question...

    Hi all, my silkie has started grooming and cuddling with one of my BRs- makes the cutest little cooing and chirping noises. It's cute and sort of sweet, but it it strange? Nobody else does this. OR, is she a he??? She's just about 11 weeks.
  15. mommahen64

    Hi. Silkie, BR and D'Uccle gender question....

    Any thoughts on these little cuties? D'uccles are 5-6 weeks, silkie is 11 weeks and the BR is 9 weeks. I appreciate your help / guidance. Daisy: Bucca: Memphis Belle: Gracie:
  16. mommahen64

    what breed & gender??

    Thoughts?? I have more birds but these are our mystery guests....from TSC. Does anyone know what they might be and if they are hens? Thanks! This is Bisping - 10 weeks: Little Evil - 10 weeks Rocket - 10 Weeks
  17. mommahen64

    Probably the STUPIDEST rooster question ever asked on this site....

    I have nine chickens and can't tell yet who is a roo and who is a hen. I think I have three or four roosters. Bad ratio. I love these birds and don't want to think of the 'cull' word. Is it possible to neuter roosters? Do vets do that? Would it help me keep them and maintain peace in the...
  18. mommahen64

    newbie....what is DE?

    do I need this for my 'kids?'
  19. mommahen64

    Solo Silkie - Is it breed specific or is she just weird?

    Hi, I got a mix of chicks at TSC. There was one lone yellow fluff ball so I adopted her (I think it's a her). She always got along with and cuddled with the others - no issues other than she always wanted to be in the middle of the cuddle pile. She has started to isolate herself a bit. She...
  20. mommahen64

    4 week olds getting bullied by 6 week olds - any hope?

    Hi, I added three little chicks (two d'uccles and a silkie) to my flock of 6 (two barred rocks, a silkie, and a few unkonwn bantams). First, let me say I'm new and had no idea that those cute little black fluff balls called Barred Plymouth Rocks would grow to be ENORMOUS. The little ones...
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