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  1. drpeeps2014

    Mixed Lavender/Wheaten ameraucanas, black/blue/splash marans, Delaware, BLRW, welsummer

    18 count hatching eggs for sale. Below is our mixed flock of colored egg layers. Our flock hens: welsummer, delaware, purebred wheaten and lavender ameraucana, black and splash marans, olive egger (welsummer x ameraucana cross), black laced red wyandotte Our flock roosters: delaware, black...
  2. drpeeps2014

    New Farm, Help Me Name It! De Leon Springs, FL

    My significant other and I will be moving to our new farm this week! Finally! Technically, I will still be living most of the time in Gainesville because I am a veterinary student, but I graduate in May. We have been waiting for this for a long time! I need help naming it! The previous owner...
  3. drpeeps2014

    New in Gainesville FL

    Hi from Gainesville, FL! I've been sneaking around for a while on the forums hoping somehow I could figure out how to hide a hen next to the pool at my significant other's house. Even considered keeping a hen in my apartment (people keep other birds in their houses right? ). BUT, I just found...
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