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  1. Awesomeducks

    Duck eggs lost their mom

    HELP!!! One of my hens has been coming and going from the coop for almost a month. But today I decided to search around my yard to see if I could find her and instead I found a huge nest of eggs with her nowhere to be found. The nest looked like it had been dragged out like some predator...
  2. Awesomeducks

    Sick Chicken

    Hi so I'm pretty sure I have a sick chicken. She's not eating, tends to huddle in the corner, rarely squawks, has a pale comb, and has stopped laying. I thought it might be worms but the rest of the flock has no symptoms. I also thought it could be bullying but she doesn't have bald spots and I...
  3. Awesomeducks

    Ducks aren't laying

    Hi! my ducks aren't laying. I have a runner cayuga mix, a welsh harlequin runner mix, and two rouens. The rouens are still babies so they're not laying but my mixes are old enough but not to old to be laying. Neither of them is molting, our weather is pretty consistent, we don't think they're...
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