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  1. C&Rman

    Got my first egg!!

    I went out earlier and my hen was pacing back and fourth and the male has been displaying his tail all day long. I just checked on them and she laid an egg in the pen. Will she sit on it? I don't wanna take it from her because I don't have an incubator so that'd be pointless. Also, she laid...
  2. C&Rman

    What kind of animals should I get for my raised beds?

    Hello all! We just recently moved to the Nevada dessert and it is finally cooling off to where I think I am gonna try a garden. I am in the process of building 4x8 raised beds. I am only building two due to the fact we live in the dessert. My plan is to build heavy duty tractor type of cages...
  3. C&Rman

    Safe wood for parrots?

    Hello all. I have a Yellow Birds of Paradise tree outside my house that would be perfect for my parrots it looks like the kind you buy. It has tons of horizontal perched all across it. I want to cut it down and make it a tree stand. My problem is I can't find if Yellow Bird of Paradise tree is...
  4. C&Rman

    I finally got my dream parrot!!!

    Hello all. Today I finally went and picked up one of my dream parrots that I never thought I'd own. He is a 10 year old, double yellow headed amazon. His name is Kahonah and he is was a show bird up until his owner had to move. He is the tamest bird I have ever owned (sorry for bragging. )...
  5. C&Rman

    Can diffrent breeds of conures mate?

    I really want to adopt a cherry head conure at the shelter, and it is a male. I have a female mit red conure and I plan on introducing them to each other. But if there is a chance they will breed I might not get him. So to get to my question can diffrent species of conures breed?
  6. C&Rman

    Feather plucking?

    Hello. I have been interested in cherry faced conure for a while now and I found one on my local adds. I have watched youtube videos on them, and allot of the vidoes I have seen they were all plucking their leg feathers. Why do they do that? I dont want a bird that is gonna pluck its feathers...
  7. C&Rman

    Is this color of train normal?

    I have had my Midnight "White-eye" male for a year and a half now. And I have been noticing that his train is getting more purple is this normal? He is three years old. Is there any way he hasa diffrent color mutation?
  8. C&Rman

    When can I move my chicks in with the adults?

    The title says it!
  9. C&Rman

    My quail are almost 6 weeks old and no eggs!

    Is that normal? I think I have 2-3 girls and about 15-16 boys also allot of them have lots of feathers missing and some are bleeding is that normal for their age? Aren't they to young to fight??
  10. C&Rman

    Turkey attacked my rooster!

    Well we have a bantam rooster and a guinea bird that free range. A wild turkey has decided to make its home here and she has been attacking my rooster. I have been shooting the turkey with a airsoft gun, but it doesnt seem to work because it just keeps coming back. What should I do? It is...
  11. C&Rman

    Moving and locking up peafowl for the winter?

    Ok well I am planning on taking down my shelter I through toghther for my peacocks and I am going to build a permanant 8'x8'x8' coop with 6' high roost and some shelves for laying season. I need to move them out of their pen in order to take down the old shed. I don't want to net them because...
  12. C&Rman

    Best way to cull a chick???

    I have 2 chicks that I dont think will make it. One looks like it is in serious pain. It is still shaped like it is in the shell. It's neck is bent back and when it walks it slams into the sides. Then the other one I had to help cuz it had been pipped for a few days... I opened it and pulled it...
  13. C&Rman

    Quail are pipping... *Edit got some white chicks hatched....*

    So far there are 5 eggs pipped 2 of them are rocking around I hope to have some chicks when I wake up And is it ok to leave them in the incubator for 6-7 hours I have to go to work at 7:30 and wont get home until 4 pm can they be in there that long? Swheat, how are your chicks coming that...
  14. C&Rman

    Peachick pictures added....

    Ok well I haven't seen the wild peahen and I assumed something got her cuz she was gone for a long time. I just happen to be looking through my bionoculars and to my surpise there she was on a board on a damaged shed. So I went over to her with my net becasue if I don't catch the wild peacocks...
  15. C&Rman

    Introducing new peacocks to my flock?

    Ok when I penned my new BS peahen with my pair the boy beat the tar out of her for a week straight, then they become best friends, then lovers. And I am going to be getting a Silver Pied peacock and 2 India Blue peahens (all will be yearlings.) Will the males fight? I was thinking of building a...
  16. C&Rman

    Peacocks and a turkey in the same pen?

    Ok well there is this neglected turkey that is always at my house she stays there usually all day laying against the cage and then she will go perch on a big log about 30-40 ft away from my peacocks. I feel so bad for her she is always alone and she wants a friend, could I put her in with my...
  17. C&Rman

    How do you tell a Guinea's gender????

    Ok well I had 3 Guineas and 1 would always lay an egg but they look identical. 2 of the guineas were killed and I have had 1 left for about a year now. I found a add for a guinea and thought I may buy mine a friend. Mine is a boy I am pretty sure! Here is a picture of the guinea for sale, they...
  18. C&Rman

    Need advice on Canda geese!!!

    I found a pair of Canda geese and I am very interested in them! What needs do they require? I have a 8'x8'x2' deep pond they can have access to always. How many sqft per bird? And what should I give them for nesting? The guy told me they do not need a permit unless you are going to trade or sell...
  19. C&Rman

    Is this white pea, a male of female???

    Ok I was thinking about getting a Blackshoulder Peacock, but I don't want 3 males if I already have 2. I have never heard him/her call and she/he has no spurs. She/he is a yearling. Here she/he is with my BS peahen... She/he was starring at a dove ontop of the support pole. Here you can see...
  20. C&Rman

    Can you take me through the process of building a homemade incubator?

    Ok well I am doing a staggered quail hatch in my Brinsea Octagon 20 I will be having them hatch on 3-4 diffrent days. I need a hatcher/incubator! But I have no clue what I wil need to build me one. I have a small 2inch thick styrofoam cooler. What will I need to transform that into a hatcher? I...
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