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  1. shay20

    silkie pullet

    Silkie pullet, and brown non bearded approx 6 months old, in Townsend mass
  2. shay20

    silkie pullet

    Silkie pullet, black with brown, apprix 6 months old, message me for pics
  3. shay20

    2 mallard ducks

    For sale 2 mallard ducks, females, hatched this spring. $20 each
  4. shay20

    Townsend Farmers Exchange chicken swap

    Townsend Farmers Exchange is allowing us to have chicken swaps at there store, this is the begining of one of an ongoing event, lets make it a great one so we can keep it going, there at a great location right on rt 13, great parking lot, they are a feed store, dunkin donuts right tnere aswell...
  5. shay20

    Tyngsboro ma chicken swap 6/23

    DATE CHANGE ::: new date june 23rd.... ma and surrounding states all is welcome, there is a chicken swap in Tyngsborough Ma June 23rd ,9am to 1pm, at the Tyngsboro garden center at 347 middlesex rd Tyngsborough ma. Poultry must be from tested flocks only, please have your certificate or cards...
  6. shay20

    Please vote for my picture

    Hi backyardchickens peeps, can you please vote for my picture, its through petco its my Spider chick her name is Puffy cheeks
  7. shay20

    Breeding buffs and whites is the ratio, got my answer

    I am thinking on putting my buffs and white cochin bantams together in the same pen, I belive the ratio is 50% whites and 50% buffs, am I right? Or will the whites end up qith buff laceings as they get older?
  8. shay20

    Holland Lop bunnys

    I have some holland lop bunnys for sale $15.00 each colors are broken grey, broken black and broken orange, they are pure breeds hollands, not pedagreed. In mass
  9. shay20

    polish lf pullet, phoenix lf pullet, sumatra cockerell

    i have a polish standard pullet gold laced, a bb red phoenix pullet, about 4 months old, and a black sumatra cockerell he is about 2 and half months old. a red pyle old english lf pullet (her father is a bb red so she may end up with others as she gets older, they are $12.00 each i am mass
  10. shay20

    trio brabanters, 2gold 1 cream ***Auction*** 3 days

    up for auction is a trio of babanters, the rooster and 1 hen is gold lc and 1 hen is cream, they are about 2 years old now and both hens are laying, i can ship but only if temp is ok ( not in 90s weathers) more than welcome to pick up in mass. if shiped buyer pays for shipping and new boxes...
  11. shay20

    *auction* Dz LF Game eggs

    up for 3 day auction ends 6/7 at 12:12 pm eastern time is one dozen game larg fowl hatching eggs, buyer pays for shipping of $15.00 thats for usps 2 to 3 days delivery please pm for pictures
  12. shay20

    boston poultry spring show this sunday

    boston poultry spring show in n oxford this sunday, so who is going? i am thinking on going to see whats for sale.
  13. shay20

    cochin bantam, smooth showgirl , sizzle, barred rock bantam chicks

    i have some chicks for sale, cochin bantams in white and a couple black i also have a white showgirl but has smooth feathrrs not silkied they are $6.00 3each. all straight run and a white sizzle is about 3 weeks old, barred rock bantams i have 2,
  14. shay20

    satenett pigions pair

    i have a pair of satenett pigions for sale $20.00 in townsend ma
  15. shay20

    ducklings buffs

    i have 5 ducklings for sale they are buffs ducklings and $6.00 esch not sexed in townsend ma
  16. shay20

    diamond doves 2 pairs

    i am selling 2 pairs of diamond doves. will not ship pick up only in townsend ma $20.00 each
  17. shay20

    6+ Frizzle Cochin Bantam eggs, milli, black lav splits, white, and red.

    Up for BIN is 6+ Frizzle cochin bantam hatching eggs,$25.00 shipping is included in price. colors are, milli fluer, white, red and black lav splits. Post Sold her and paypal to [email protected] This is some pics
  18. shay20

    6+ Frizzle Duccle Project eggs, milli , red and black gold.

    Up for bin is 6+ Frizzle Duccle eggs, project eggs $25.00 shipping is included in price, colors have been comeing out, milli fluer, red and black gold. Post sold here and paypal to [email protected]
  19. shay20

    Dozen Showgirl silkie +sizzle eggs, shipping included(lavender splits, white, black , partridge)

    Up for BIN is 1 dozen Showgirl Silkie hatching eggs, $40.00 shipping is included in the price. Colors are White showgirl roo and sizzle roo over lavender, white and black silkie hens black lav split roo over black showgirl hen lavender roo over partridge showgirl hen white showgirl roo, lav...
  20. shay20

    Dozen Duck eggs, shipping included,(blue sweedish, blue crested white crested and buffs)

    I am getting about 5 duck eggs a day from my girls, my bators are full, so i have 1 dozen duck hatching eggs for sale for $40.00 thats includeing shipping. I have Buffs, blue sweadish and white crested, they all run together, so i have been getting blue crested which is soooo cute, one pair of...
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