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  1. slatts

    Sick Leghorn

    Hey folks I could use your help. I have a white leghorn who is my best layer who has a combination of issues. First off she has a floppy comb which is has turned mostly purple. Secondly she seems to have a crop issues as well. She has been drinking a lot of water for two or three days straight...
  2. slatts

    How many eggs do you average a day?

    The threads about how many eggs you got today are great but I'm more interested in how many I collect in a week or two weeks from my flock and then figuring the average daily production. What's your daily average and how many hens are in your flock?
  3. slatts


    I'm feeling blessed. My 10 pullets are all finally laying. A BO was the last holdout and she started this week at 28 weeks of age. The first one to begin was a white Leghorn who has now been laying for a month, an egg a day without fail. For the last 10 days, I've been getting between 7 and...
  4. slatts

    Broody or just unfriendly?

    I have an tan/yellowish EE pullet that's been laying for about 3 weeks. She does more egg songs than any of the other 9 pullets, both before and after laying. She will puff up and growl, that's the best word I can think of, if anyone approaches the coop while she's in the nest box. It's weird...
  5. slatts

    Learned something today

    My mixed flock of ten layers are at 6-1/2 months and laying well. I had been keeping them in the coop until noon or later because I was worried that they would lay in the woods if I let them out earlier. As an experiment I let them out at 7 am today. They all went out to range but each came...
  6. slatts

    Getting there?

    They are both 20 weeks. My money is on the BA to lay first.
  7. slatts

    Sick pullet.

    Please help with some advice. Here's my 13 week old maran originally from MPC. Noticed her being lethargic 2 days ago. Yesterday we isolated her with water only. I thought it may be impacted crop but after trying to vomit her all that came up was water. Here's a pic of her and her poop which is...
  8. slatts

    Best Free Ranging Chickens.

    I say Plymouth Rocks are the best breed on the range because of their natural camouflage and their foraging ability. What say you?
  9. slatts


    I let my dozen almost 8 week old girls out for an hour before dusk most evenings. So I am sitting within 50 feet of them reading as they were ranging in the field under some trees. All of a sudden they started flying around and and i saw a hawk was flying away with my golden comet, Star. I...
  10. slatts


    One of my 6 week old pullets, an EE, has a bad habit. She stands at the hanging feeder and continously whips her head back and forth through the feed slinging it out of the feeder. Then she stands and scratches, repeat etc.... I haven't noticed this behavior in the other 11 pullets. I...
  11. slatts


    Has anyone experience with sprouting seeds using hydroponics as a feed source for your flock?
  12. slatts

    Who am I?

    I think I have narrowed her down to a Light brown leghorn and an EE. She is one of 13 pullets received from MPC ten days ago. That group was supposed to have contained 3 EEs and one light brown leghorn. I had one die that looked just like her so that would make me think EE but she looks a lot...
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