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  1. Zach123

    Heat and drought and smoke effects on “naturally” incubated eggs

    I thought my body duck was sitting on a batch of defunct eggs. While I have no idea when exactly she started brooding, I feel like it has been longer than the normal 28 days (I’m pretty sure she started before we left to visit family out of state in mid-August, and she was definitely broody by...
  2. Zach123

    Does this look like mites?

    This the back end my 2 year old Brahma roo, just below his vent. Very red and inflamed, bumpy skin with feathers missing. Would this be caused by mites or is it something else? Any treatment suggestions?
  3. Zach123

    Rooster neck injury

    Hey all, I have a rooster about 6 months old that got a neck injury last night. I don’t know if he fell off the perch or what but he definitely got hurt somehow. He won’t hold his head up straight and when he tries to walk he just ends up twisting his head around and flailing around all over the...
  4. Zach123

    Centennial, Colorado to change non-commercial agriculture activities (for the worse)

    "Subsequent to the adoption of the 2011 LDC and the Official Zoning Map, an inadvertent error was identified in the LDC that extended the allowance for non-commercial agricultural activities to all properties zoned NC or NI, clearly in excess of historic allowances that were enjoyed by...
  5. Zach123

    BYC featured on DeviantArt

    I dunno where to put this really, but I thought it was pretty neat. I belong to a chicken club on DeviantArt (where I share a lot of my photography) and they featured us on their club homepage.
  6. Zach123

    My chickens (lots of pictures)

    Here are some pictures of my new chickens, the odlest being about 5 weeks old now and the two little ones being only about 2 weeks. Dustin (my one year old) and our LF light brahmas T-Rex (r) and Princess Peach (l) on their first day out of the brooder. They are kind of skittish around us big...
  7. Zach123

    tractoring chickens

    Hey guys, I had a question concerning chicken tractors I have always raised my chickens generally free range, this is they were free to roam around the yard as they pleased until the PM. The only reason this was possible is that we had good neighbors who I grew up around who didn't give two...
  8. Zach123

    New old member from Colorado!

    Hey guys! I am a returning member from WAAAAAY back in the old days. I started raising chickens when I was 15 in my parents backyard with two light Brahma pullets some friends gave me, Roberta and Zim. Chickens soon became an obsession of mine and my flock kept growing. Unfortunately I left...
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