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  1. The Secrets of the Experiments

    The Secrets of the Experiments

    Name: Hannah Lond Age: 17 Gender: Female Charm: Wolf History: She has stolen from a local store but never got caught. She is the typical bad girl. Her mom died in a car crash and she turned bad ever since. Crush: None yet Personality: The typical bad girl. She is pretty and gets boys attention...
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    Waterland, Land Of Magic and Mysteries *Character's Page*

    Deep in the Forests of the North East U.S.A., There lives on the olden ways of peace with magic. The people here live in a vast kingdom called 'Waterland'. There are many, many diffrent peoples, the good ones ar in the list below: Humans; dawrves; elves; cenataurs(can even be deer/dog/ect...
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    The Last Wolves *Members page*

    Members go here and Cheek out My RP Name: Hougen Gender: Male Age: 15 human form: Wolf form: Mate: None History: was kicked out of his pack. now looks for more wolves. Personality: kind, sometimes a jerk and is nice Other: Unknown...
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    Guardian of Wild cats Characters

    This is where i put my Guardian of wild cats Characters Guardians Name:Hato Gender:Male Age:10 Rank(wanted):Guardian Rank now:Guardian What kind of cat:Cougar Side:Guardians Clan:Kilato Mate:None Crush:None Kittens:None History:Was in the Great war and defeated Toabe(That;s what he thinks)...
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    The Kinto RPG charaters

    Here's where I put the charaters from my RPG Charaters: Kings and Queens Name:Cathi Gender:Male Age:4 Rank(wanted):King Rank Now:King Powers:Can read minds,make weather change,TBR Animal:Cougar Crush:None Mate:Loku Kids:None right now From:Shadow Forest Desciption:Brown with a black spot...
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