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  1. 3goodeggs

    What is your Christmas dinner menu?

    What is your must have dish? My son loves wild rice stuffing, but I usually serve that with salmon, and this year we are having ham. Mac and cheese goes so well with ham, but I have sweet potatoes. I think I want broccoli casserole, but I have a lot of carrots... And a big green salad...
  2. 3goodeggs

    Advertising feedback / question / issue

    yea... this is not a server site issue, and I am not upset by it. But, before some child has to ask mom what that stick figure is doing to the word 'It" on the road kill T-shirt advertisement, and you get a lot of grief over it, you may want to review the road kill t-shirt advertisements that...
  3. 3goodeggs

    Lotsa pasta

    My friend's mom passed and when we cleaned out her pantry there were bags and boxes of pasta and rice and grits and the like. Lots of it. Most of it is well past the sell by date, or we would eat it ourselves, but I am feeding it to the chickens. I plan on just giving them the rice, grits and...
  4. 3goodeggs


    I have cotton rats in my greenhouses. They bite the spaghetti tubes and everything gets sprayed with water except the plant that the tube was in. I use the spring traps, but I only seem to have the clever rodents left. The Glue boards are probably the safest for the owls and hawks and my...
  5. 3goodeggs

    My son just passed his eagle scout board of review.

    YIPPIE! whew. (I know those parents who have gotten through it know what I mean.) Now he can get to wear the patch on his shirt for six WHOLE months before he is 18. Most kids whiff by like... on their 18th birthday. So I am proud!!
  6. 3goodeggs

    Happy birthday, Rebel Cowboy!

    Another 365 days before you have to renew those automobile tags! @rebelcowboysnb
  7. 3goodeggs

    I need some dog behavior modification advice.

    I have two large dogs who have gone from being all about pleasing the humans, to being all bout who can beat the other one out of the door first. Personally, I think humans should get to go in or out of the door first, but they are so bent on winning the' first dog' title that as soon as there...
  8. 3goodeggs

    Identiy theft and your child

    Just when everything was going right... So, it went like this, My son went to open a savings account at our credit union. They run his social security card and the ChexSystems says that someone in Miami has it and has opened two accounts with it. The very kind lady at the bank told us that it...
  9. 3goodeggs

    Help me figure out my lock down date,Please.

    I put the eggs into the incubator at 10:30 am on the Fourth of December, Is lock down at 10:30 on the 22nd or the 23 of December? or the 21st? This seemed simple until I started thinking about it, now I am so jumbled, I don't know.
  10. 3goodeggs

    roster died this morning.... I want to incubate his last eggs

    So, the girls are down to about 2 eggs a day, and of course my perpetually broody girls are not broody at this time. I am willing to go get a small incubator and try to incubate the 14 eggs that I have on the counter. They have never seen the refrigerator, and the day temps have been cool-70...
  11. 3goodeggs

    Do chicken feel shame?

    My rooster is going through a difficult molt. He has lost his neck feathers and all of his tail feathers... he looks pretty rough. He is normally the Gregory peck of roosters. Lately he mopes about and seems...depressed. He appears healthy by all other indicators and he has been wormed. Could he...
  12. 3goodeggs

    Hey you allergy sufferers!

    I suppose because for us it was a very wet summer and everything bloomed twice... But this has been the most miserable summer of my life. I was wondering what you all do that helps you feel better. I go to an allergist, I have been on shots for 14 years, antihistamines, sinus rinse... and...
  13. 3goodeggs

    your opinions on air conditioning just at night vs all day

    We try to wait until the second week of June before we turn on the air conditioning. We have been trying to conserve money as much as humanly possible and I feel guilty running the air. It is hot and humid in Florida, and I feel justified in having air at night, but I do not know if we should...
  14. 3goodeggs

    disallowed key character, Huh?

    For over a week every time I tried to get byc up, I got a blank page with 'disallowed key characters' written on it. Even googling it, every avenue gave me 'disallowed key characters'. Finally I tried one more time last night and up came the familiar BYC. Yippee! however, now when I try to get...
  15. 3goodeggs

    Garden planning time: What is your no fail favorite variety?

    What seed do you buy every year without fail? Yeah, we try other things, but we always get our no fail seed varieties too. Which are yours? I am a Rutgers and Roma tomato person. Sparkler radish and black beauty zucchini. Let me know where you are from also. I would like to try some of your...
  16. 3goodeggs

    meteor shower It is supposed to be a quick but exciting one. Too bad it will be so cold here. I am not sure I will get many of the family members up and outside at 2:30am if it is 21 degrees.
  17. 3goodeggs

    dog cookies?

    I have a bag of masa that I want to use up. Do any of you know how to make dog cookies?
  18. 3goodeggs

    I FOUND the Reese's cup bundt cake recipe! I will Share!

    My son likes to make this in two small bundt pans and give them as gifts to aunts and uncles. Reese's cup Bundt cake 3 eggs 16oz sour cream Reese's small peanut butter cups Chopped pea nuts ( a handful ) peanut butter chips (Reese's) Devils food cake mix Mix eggs and sour cream together till...
  19. 3goodeggs

    cull/hatch time

    I am not sure this is the right place to post these questions , but... I have 22 hens starting their third year soon. Egg production was not very robust last year, and I expect it to be even lower this year. I have Buff Orpingtons, and even though they are sweet ladies, they are broody 3/4 of...
  20. 3goodeggs

    Sorry, I am not too quick on the uptake...

    ...But thank you to the people who nominated me as a byc friend. Umm... how long have I had it? I guess observation is not my strong suit.
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