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  1. countrydreamer8

    baby chick treats

    How old do my new chicks have to be before I can give them some treats, what kind of treats do you start out with?
  2. countrydreamer8

    5 day old chick treats

    Can anyone tell me whether or not you can give your new chicks treats?
  3. countrydreamer8

    New Chicks! Happy Spring

    I just got my very first chicks this morning and I'm so excited! I got 6 Buff Orpingtons and they're so adorable. They all seem to be doing great except for 1 she seems a little groggy. I was told that I should give her some time and if she didn't perk up to call the grain feed store back...
  4. countrydreamer8

    great 'coop' information

    I'm reading through all these comments and I'm getting awesome info! One thing for sure that I'll get is Hardware cloth not just normal fencing. I think I have the chance of getting an old kennel which I think I can use for the run but I will make sure to put a top on it. I know I have...
  5. countrydreamer8

    New Chicks

    Hello All, I have been comptimplating for a few years now about raising chickens and now that I've been forced into semi-retirement I'm going to do it! I talked to my local Tractor Supply yesterday and they told me that the new chicks will be in at the end of this month so I'm trying to see if...
  6. countrydreamer8

    hardware cloth vs chicken fence

    I'm very sersious about turning my 8'x8' shed into a chicken coop. I know I have to fence in an area to provide securty, what is hardware cloth? How high should the fence be around the coop?
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