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  1. highcountrychickens

    Prodigal Member coming home to roost at BYC

    Oh BYC I have missed you! There are tales to tell of working travel to the reaches of the earth... Of course, the common denominator that caught my eye at every stop? Chooks of all shapes, all revered the same - like horses, they are a cultural common. Now it's time to pull the cobwebs off...
  2. highcountrychickens

    Hello. My name is HCC... I'm a BYC underachiever

    Honestly, how do you do it? I've been a BYC member since 8/28/2008 and have 636 posts (637 with this, I think) and I'm on really quite regularly - There are those of you BYC ninjas who have into the tens of thousands of posts!! I saw one BYC'er who had four thousand something... and had only...
  3. highcountrychickens

    Is the red comb/wattle story true?

    So - Over the years I have heard the old yarn that hens who are laying have bright red combs and wattles... while those who are not laying have greyish or not-so-vibrant combs and wattles. It always made me smile and sort of shake my head, but for several weeks, I have had around 3 eggs per...
  4. highcountrychickens

    Dear Senator: Senate Bill S510

    Dear Senator Barrasso, I'm writing to oppose Senate Bill S510 the "Food Safety Modernization Act" The short sight of this bill is not remotely important enough to merit the loss of freedoms and modest business for small farmers, and as it continues, the affect written on the walls with...
  5. highcountrychickens

    D'OH!! Betty Crocker Directions!!!??

    HELP! I started to make a Betty Crocker cake from a box, and absent mindedly threw the box in the wood stove before I got the directions!!! (duh) Does anyone have a box around that could tell me what other ingredients are supposed to be added and what temp it's supposed to bake?
  6. highcountrychickens

    Business idea - need BYCer Wisdom

    Hi all - Well in tough times, creative ideas are the ones that we need to pull through... and I have one that needs your help. I live in Jackson Hole, Wyoming, where there are still ranching families, but the valley has become so wealthy around us that rents have skyrocketed and many...
  7. highcountrychickens

    My Hens landed a noble job!!

    So the Game and Fish Warden just came by to inspect my Mews for Falconry, and saw my beautiful friendly Black Jersey Giants. He asked if they tended to get broody, and I told him that I hadn't really left eggs in long enough to see... Because they're so gentle and friendly (I hand raised them...
  8. highcountrychickens

    When it's -25 below like tonight

    My girls snuggle in - look at those feather coats!
  9. highcountrychickens

    ?French free range standard?

    A few months back, I remember reading a piece about small farms that adopted a french standard for raising meat chickens. It wasn't Label Rouge... or Label Anglais - something that started in a forested region - the chooks are completely (true) free range, completely natural, and a very big...
  10. highcountrychickens

    Teacup Piglets?

    Does anybody have one? I'd love to see pics or know if anyone has a bead on a breeder!
  11. highcountrychickens

    WHO has your Favorite Avatar?

    Debiraymond? Wifezilla? OPA... ? (of COURSE...) Miss Prissy? Nifty? (Horsejody is familiar, Wynette has one I'll remember - Boyd always has a version of his late night self...) You name it! Who Has it?!!? I wish I knew how to do a poll... but until then, sound in and tell your favorite...
  12. highcountrychickens

    BYC U Hoodie Sweatshirts !!

    Who wants one? I WANT ONE!! I want to buy one for my MIL, SIL, DH, DN, DGpa, DGma, Dneighbor, and Dpwimhf (dear person whom I may have forgotten) I have been looking into the BYC Store since before Christmas last year with my little fingers crossed. Sound in if you would like one - maybe the...
  13. highcountrychickens

    BYCer's Grandfather's concoction for egg laying jumstart

    I read a post a couple of months ago where somebody posted a feed concoction with cayenne pepper, and a recipe of strange and wonderful things that jumpstarted sluggish laying - I have been searching for ages for this post and can't find it - am I going nuts or does someone else remember this?
  14. highcountrychickens

    Need good excuse for DH

    Okay... BYCers are brilliant with this... I have 7 lovely Black Jersey Giant hens, the promise of a new coop because I enjoy them so much, two egg customers (and counting, but my girls can't work THAT hard) and a fairly softhearted but very German DH who is VERY reluctant to expand the flock...
  15. highcountrychickens

    Help!! Beloved Hens eating eggs

    Hoo Nelly... My BELOVED bunch of Black Jersey Giants have begun to lay... and yes you read it in the subject line... a few of my favorites have begun to eat the eggs. I have had wood eggs scattered about for many many months (since they first went out and I saw the potential for this problem...
  16. highcountrychickens

    Poor Duckling! What Now?

    So I was driving home on a back road yesterday, and the car in front of me swerved - a trio of ducklings scattered... I stopped and found the very upset survivor, and no hen to be found anywhere (they still had the tooth on their bills... so hatched recently) The irrigation ditch where it would...
  17. highcountrychickens

    Anyone have this problem?

    I suspect this may have prompted the laying of the first egg of the summer... prematurely
  18. highcountrychickens

    Pigeons in Winter

    I have wanted to raise pigeons for a long time, but I have been concerned about how they would fare in the rather brutal winters we have here in the Rockies. Does anyone have recommendations about what breeds would be more winter or stress hardy than others? Any advice about how to keep them...
  19. highcountrychickens

    What is the best 'Bator?

    Any recommendations for a hatching newbie about what bator to get? I'm not very experienced, so I would worry terribly about a homemade incubator, however cool they are. Cost aside, what's the best, or the favorite of BYC'ers? (we'll factor in cost later)
  20. highcountrychickens

    Broken Hearted Pragmatism

    In advance of writing this, I beg forgiveness of the length of it... the BYC arena has been a treasure for me, and this evening I'm finding that I need to lean on this population that understands... if only to hear may be enough. I'm a Wyoming girl. I'm pragmatic. I have ridden through...
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