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  1. gamebirdsonly

    Free Eggs Just pay shipping 12+ Bantam 3 different breeds, Olive Eggers,Welsummer,Cuckoo marans

    Ok These eggs are 4 to 7 days old and I hate to throw them away. I have 3 sets of 12+ eggs to give away. Just pay shipping. $15.00 I have Bantam Welsummers< Bantam Olive eggers, and Bantam Cuckoo Marans Ok I can still do 12+ OE and a combo 6+ Marans and 6+ B. welsummers or combo all 3 If you...
  2. gamebirdsonly

    Auction Bantam Olive eggers 6+ eggs ( Buy It Now )

    This is a buy it now. $11.50 for shipping I can ship these out tomorrow Post sold and then pm me. I created these by breeding my bantam cuckoo marans Roo with Lav bantam americuana and wheaten Bantam Americuna.
  3. gamebirdsonly

    12+Bantam Olive Eggers hatching eggs

    This auction is for 12+ depending on the hens I will send 1 to 4 extras pay-pal only Auction ends Aug 26th at 8:00pm eastern time Please make bids in at least .50 increments eggs will be shipped out either Monday or Tuesday. shipping will be $14.00 Do to the risk of shipping and things...
  4. gamebirdsonly

    Auction Buy it Now Bantam Combo 12++ eggs, Wc black polish,Modern game,D'anvers,welsummer,Olive egge

    In this combo you will get some each of these breeds. Wc black polish, Modern game= Silver and birchen in same pen D'anvers= Blue and Black in same pen Welsummers Olive eggers Shipping will be $14.00 Just post sold. Eggs will ship out saturday.
  5. gamebirdsonly

    Buy it now Bantam Welsummer 12+

    I have 12+ eggs that can be shipped tomorrow. Bantam welsummer eggs are not dark as the LF Welsummers Some do have speckels shipping will be $14.00 just post sold and make payment through pay-pal to: [email protected]
  6. gamebirdsonly

    Auction Modern Game Bantams 8+ (silver blue, birchen)

    I have 2 Birchen hens and 3 silver blue hens and 2 silver blue Roos Auction will end Friday at 3pm Est Please make payment as soon as possible Shipping will be $12.00 pay-pal only make payment to: [email protected] Eggs will be shipped out Saturday morning. Because...
  7. gamebirdsonly

    Auction Buy Now 6+ or 12+ Bantam welsummer eggs

    This is buy now auction. you can either get the 6+ which is $18.00 total that includes shipping or the 12+ which is $27.00 total I prefer pay-pal will take money orders PM me if you want to buy some.
  8. gamebirdsonly

    3 day Auction 6+ WC Black Bantam Polish

    you will get 1 to 3 extras depends on the hens. Shipping will $11.00 please make bids in .50 or more increments The auction will end Sunday at 5pm Est Do to things beyond my control once eggs leave my hands I can not Guarantee your hatch pay-pal only Make payment to...
  9. gamebirdsonly

    3 day Auction Bantam WC Black polish 6+ hatching eggs

    Depending on the hens you get 1 to 3 extras. please make bids in .50 increments Shipping will be $11.00 Auction will end sunday at 5pm Eastern time pay-pal only. please make payment as soon as possible after auction ends so I can ship eggs out Monday. make payment to...
  10. gamebirdsonly

    Auction Buy it now 12+ LF Welsummer eggs

    Eggs will be shipped out tuesday. Shipping will be $14.00 Just post sold and PM me pay-pal to: [email protected] As always no Garuantee on hatch do to the risk of shipping..
  11. gamebirdsonly

    Buy it Now 12+ LF Welsummer eggs

    These eggs will come from my LF welsummmer flock Shipping will be $14.00 pay-pal only Make payment to: [email protected] Just post sold and pm me
  12. gamebirdsonly

    Free 12+ Mixed colored ringneck eggs just pay shipping.

    Ok I had a buyer not pay and I gave them 3 days to pay and they never payed. So these eggs are 7 days old so if want take chance all you have do is pay shipping of $11.50 I have eggs all packaged up and I think there is 16 or 17. So if someone wants just post sold and pm
  13. gamebirdsonly

    Auction Buy it now. Modern game bantam 6 eggs

    I have 2 silver Roos and 3 silver hens and 2 birchen There might be a extra no garuantee depends on the hens. These eggs will be going out tomorrow. shipping will be $11.00 just post sold and then make payment. pay-pal to: [email protected]
  14. gamebirdsonly

    Buy it now Auction Bantam Cuckoo marans X Bantam Ameracauna 6+ eggs = Bantam olive eggers

    I have a Bantam Marans Roo over bantam Ameracauna hens. be the first to post sold and then pm and make payment through pay-pal at: [email protected] Eggs will be shipped out either out tomorrow or tuesday. As always because of the dangers of shipping no guarantee on hatch...
  15. gamebirdsonly

    Auction Buy it now Mixed colored ringneck eggs. Blue and black

    this is for 12+ Mixed colored ringneck eggs. $8.00 for eggs and $12.00 shipping. will ship these eggs out tomorrow. post sold on here and then PM me In one pen I have a Blue Roo over 3 Black hens in the other I have a Black Roo over a Black hen and regular hen Make payment through...
  16. gamebirdsonly

    This Buy it Now Auction. 12++ Dark brown, green,olive Barnyard surprise!!

    These eggs will come from These hens 6 BCM, 4 Olive eggers, 6 Welsummer, 1 Blue copper Marans,2 Cuckoo marans and 3 EE's, 1 ameracuana The Roos are: BCM, Blue copper marans, Sumatra, 2 Blue Ameruacanas, 2 Welsummers, polish, hudan and Game. Shipping will $14.00 If you want these just post...
  17. gamebirdsonly

    My first hatch of 2012

    Well it's been since August since my last hatch. Had alright hatch from eggs from own birds I had perfect hatch from my Hopefully Olive eggers Bantam Marans X Bantam Ameracanus 10 out 10 I had 16 out of 22 on Bantam welsummers ( most of eggs were 10 to 16 days old) and had 3 out 6 of my...
  18. gamebirdsonly

    Buy it now Auction end of spring sale 6+ Bantam welsummer eggs or 12+

    Ok heres the deal I am going to be letting birds out to free range at end of this month and won't be offering these eggs again until October. So I have reduced the price a bit Just PM if interested. 12++ will cost 14.00 eggs + $14.00 shipping I usaully send 17 to 18 6++ will cost $7.00 eggs +...
  19. gamebirdsonly

    Buy it now Auction 6+ Bantam Marans X Bantam Ameraucanus= Bantam olive eggers

    The Roo is a bantam Coockoo Marans and hens are Bantam Ameracanus Shipping is $11.00 Auction Buy it now pay-pal only to: [email protected]
  20. gamebirdsonly

    Auction Buy it now 12++Bantam Welsummer eggs

    This is a Buy it now Auction This Auction will end tomorrow at 8pm EST So just post up you want them and then make payment through pay-pal to: [email protected] Shipping will be $13.00 I will shipped eggs out either tuesday or wensday Ok Bantam welsummer eggs are not dark like...
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