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  1. SingerChick

    Pecked in the eye by a chicken??

    A cautionary tale: Just because it seems that your 3-month-old chick is interested in checking out your Facebook feed does not mean that she's not getting ready to peck you right in your eyeball! Wish I had read all these posts before this happened. This is my first experience with chickens...
  2. SingerChick

    Thanks for adding me! I'm new to chickens.

    Thanks for adding me! I'm new to chickens. My name is Tammie, and I live in Lakewood, CO. I ordered 11 newly hatched chicks from My Pet Chicken, to be mailed out from them on September 10. And I'm excited to embark on this new adventure! I've already got a little coop, big enough for about...
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