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  1. florida lee

    Attempted murder in Tractor

    I moved two broody hens and their eggs into my vacant tractor. I figured this way they would not be bothered by the other chickens. The tractor is 5' x 9' and has 3 nest boxes. They settled in with no problems, The BA had 4 eggs and the BO had 5 eggs. The BA hatched out 2 chicks, both yellow...
  2. florida lee

    General question about size

    I have 14 week old Minorcas and 15 week old RIR and Barred Rock. The size difference is great. The Minorcas are much much smaller than the RIR or the Barred Rock about by half. IS this normal? The charts I look at say the Minorcas are fast maturing. Will try to get a picture later today if...
  3. florida lee


    Does anyone have Minorcas. I was thinking about picking up a few Minorca chicks this weekend. Please tell me about them. All I know is that they lay a large white egg. I have a mixed flock of brown egg layers now. Thanks.
  4. florida lee

    Maran out for a stroll

    Here is my Maran hen out for a stroll, escorted by my flock guards, two Great Danes......all is well....
  5. florida lee

    Built new brooder box - just in case

    I may want to get some chicks next month, so figured i better get ready. My old brooder is now being used as a sick bay. Top door is for replenishing water and food and for catching chicks. Bottom door is for cleaning out box. Top is hardware cloth. Heat lamp is adjustable to regulate heat...
  6. florida lee

    One got out

    My Wheaton Maran got out of the tractor this morning. I guess I didn't latch the run door. I happened to look out I saw her walking among my dogs. I didn't take the time to get a camera. My dogs have been in the coop with me before many times, but I have never let the chickens out of the...
  7. florida lee

    Finished 2nd coop

    New coop is on the left. The run (my garden) is in between coops in the back. Next step is to expand with a new run (garden) between the coops and extend it past the coops in the front. The runs are my gardens, the chickens can be directed to either run (garden) from the coops. Only thing left...
  8. florida lee

    Does this indicate a problem with pullet??

    A pullet I got from a swap is showing these signs....... breathes in with open beak, exhales with closed beak....but each inhale is with a AHHH sound and open beak. No other signs, acts normal in all other ways. Eats, drinks and lays. none of my other chickens do this. Out of normal actions...
  9. florida lee

    Eggs,Eggs everywhere....not

    I have 12 pullets and only 4 are laying...and its not consistant and the eggs are very small.... 1 - RIR ----------------------------------laying 2 - Blk Australorp -------------------- laying 1 - Cochin/Easter egger cross -----laying 1- Blue Cochin 2 - Wyndottes 1 - Light Brahama 1 - Easter...
  10. florida lee

    doz eggs and QUESTION

    Just finished filling up my first egg pullets have laid 12 eggs.....the small beige/brown eggs are from my RIR and one of my Australorps. my pullets have been laying about 10 days. the biege/brown eggs are about 2" long and 1" wide. the green egg is about twice that size. The...
  11. florida lee

    6 eggs

    i've gotten 6 eggs in 7 days. 2 eggs today all have been beige.....that means I have two hens laying,,,,,,one is Blk Australorp and the other is a mystery hen. Also got two new hens yesterday . A blue Cochin and a blue Cochin/americana (Easter Egger) cross, but she does not have blue/green legs...
  12. florida lee

    Got my second egg ,6 days after first

    Finally got my second egg, six diys after the first....its a little bigger then the first one. both are very small. ANYONE GOT ANY IDEAS WHO MAY HAVE LAID IT?? I think its between the Blk Asutralorps and RIR.... Here are the 1st and 2nd eggs, the 2nd egg is on the left. Both about the same...
  13. florida lee

    heavy rain washed out coop

    We got a heavy rain last week that filled my coop with an inch of water. I have one pullet that loves to play in water and she was having a ball. the others however were not coming down off the roosts. I had caulked the flooring all the way around so it held water, I had to remove the door...
  14. florida lee

    need opinions please-changing food

    My local feed stores here carry Purina, TSC brand which I hear is made by Purina and no one seems to like and the Manna brand. What is your opinion of Manna brand of Chicken feed, namely "Egg Maker". The Walmart here sells the Egg Maker for $12.00/40 lb bag. I was thinking of going with the...
  15. florida lee

    HEY, first EGG

    After 20 weeks finally got my first egg. Don't know who laid it. Was out most of the day and when I returned i checked on my chicks and found first egg in dirt hole in run. No one came forward to claim it. Its a beige color. I have all brown egg layers except for one lone EE pullet. Its...
  16. florida lee

    German Shorthair Pointer flock dog

    Here are a couple pictures of my flock dog, Jake, a German Shorthair Pointer 10 years old
  17. florida lee

    Do they look ready?

    My "chicks " are 20 wks old this week. Do any of my ladies look ready to start laying yet?? Are combs red enough?? My Roo sometimes thinks they are OLD ENOUGH.
  18. florida lee

    Black Jersey Giant size

    Could some one post a picture of a Jersey Giant next to a Blk Australorp, so I can get an idea of their size. I have Australorps and have never seen a real live jersey Giant. Thanks
  19. florida lee

    Back to the BO/BR question w/pictures

    Couldn't figure how to edit previous post so this is a repost with pictures. About BO's white or yellow legs.... Pictures show different leg color, are there any other differences between BO and BR that is evident in these pictures. Note difference in sizes and all are supposed to be the same...
  20. florida lee

    DO ALL BO's HAVE ......

    Do all BO's have white legs? I just got 3 BO pullets and 1 has yellow legs, she is also larger than the other two. all are supposed to be the same age. matter of fact they all are supposed to be 13 wks but all are different sizes.
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