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  1. jgervais

    Treating a chicken with sour crop

    I haven't been on here in a while, I guess thats good if it means I've had a pretty healthy flock. I have had one chicken though that has had a sour crop a few times over the past 2 months. I posted a blog about what I did to treat it with some pics, and she seems to fully recover each...
  2. jgervais

    Mad Dorking Mama pic

    This was in June, just getting around to posting it now. My Dorking mama, with her Dorking cross babies, was mad at whoever was giving her the stink eye on the other side of the fence
  3. jgervais

    winterizing my chicken coop

    I was really nervous my first winter in Michigan as a chicken owner. I made a little 'how-to' based on my experiences last winter. Here is the graphic, and the story to accompany is here:
  4. jgervais


    I've been afraid of brining for some silly reason. I wish I didn't wait so long to try it, especially on some of the tough older chickens. I finally brined a 1 year old rooster and it was the most delicious chicken I've ever cooked! Heres the story and recipe with a pic of the finished...
  5. jgervais

    mama killed 3 babies :(

    Mama finally brought her babies out of the nest box, but apparently went a little crazy after. She killed 3 babies and I was just in time to rescue the 5 remaining. heres the full story: Theres cute pics of the 5 babies...
  6. jgervais

    rooster damage to the hen :(

    I have one really great big Dorking rooster and 9 lovely hens he cares for. 2 hens are broody right now so are out of the everyday flock activities for a few weeks. The rooster in terms of roosters is really a nice one and cares for his hens well. He leads them around the yard and brings them...
  7. jgervais

    protein other than soy?

    It seems most commercial feeds use soy as the main protein addition to chicken feed. Are there any alternatives to this? Any brands you recommend? I don't really have the resources to mix my own feed...
  8. jgervais

    How I diagnosed my sick chicken...

    I lost my poor little Dorking hen a few days ago. It was frustrating looking online for symptoms and trying to diagnose her myself. Hes some info I learned and the story of my hen:
  9. jgervais

    ...i guess shes gonna die today

    My favorite red dorking hen is resting in my entrance way by the heater. I guess Im just waiting for her to die today. she started waddling a week or so ago and really fluffing her feathers, i of course didnt think much of it. two days ago she was moving very slow so we took notice of her and...
  10. jgervais

    My favorite hen is sick... need advice

    My favorite hen is a red/colored dorking - born mid July of last year. She has the nice short legs of a dorking and very plump body. Last week I thought she was looking extra plump and extra waddly but didn't take much notice, I assumed she was just filling out nicely. Shes a friendly hen but...
  11. jgervais

    best time to buy baby chicks

    I've had a few people ask about when the best time to buy spring chickens would be. I bought my first batch beginning of last April, that pretty much was a mistake. Way too early... Here's a blog post about what to consider when making the purchase...
  12. jgervais

    crossing the rooster over the hen, hen over rooster.... what?

    So I have a Dorking rooster. Im thinking of getting another breed, maybe a Delaware. How is crossing a dorking rooster over a delaware hen different than crossing a delaware rooster over a dorking hen?
  13. jgervais

    the stink eye over farm fresh eggs

    Who else is tired of those people who think store bought eggs are safer and better? Hoping to spread this blog post that clears up some common misconceptions... makes me so mad!!! :-o
  14. jgervais

    a coop full of roosters: how to maintain order?

    I'm really satisfied with the Dorkings we raised this fall, but it didnt go exactly how i had it planned in my head. I thought I would raise 18 birds and process all 18 at once. It was about 50/50 roos and hens. Some of the roos seemed to really terrorize the hens, and so at 4 months old we...
  15. jgervais

    Last minute nest boxes: what should have been an easy project

    I'm pretty new to the DIY chicken projects - Heres my latest about using crates for nest boxes
  16. jgervais

    more fat in the winter?

    I processed our first hen for Christmas a few weeks ago (we had only done roo's prior) and it seemed like there was more fat on the bird and in the 'innards' She was about 6 months old and the others Ive done have not been over 5 months... Is it age? The time of year? Their diet? They free...
  17. jgervais

    I'm an outlaw... and I aint going down without a fight

    I live just outside of Jackson, MI on 2.5 acres on a road where most have at least 5+ acres. My neighbors two doors down on the right have horses and the ones across the street raise cattle. Yet for some reason it is illegal to have chickens on less than 5 acres. Our neighbor to the left owns...
  18. jgervais

    Review of Dorkings as a table bird *update: pics and weight of our last Dorking rooster*

    We just processed our first of the Dorkings. Really dark meat, really really tasty.
  19. jgervais

    chickens smart enough to survive winter?

    My hens have a safe attached run with some nice roosts in it. Since we got them (April) they roost in the run and not in their cozy house that has their food, shavings and nesting boxes. It's about to get very cold here in Michigan, some nights are already below freezing: Will my hens be smart...
  20. jgervais

    deep litter method

    Heres my experience using the deep litter method - how is everyone else using it?
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