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  1. Brooke215

    SWVA/ Eastern KY Wise TSC swap

    Information just posted on our regional Craigslist. Wise, VA TSC will be hosting swaps according to the following schedule: It's almost that time of the year again. We will be having the first animal swap of the year on March 17, 2018 and then hopefully every 3rd Saturday of the month after...
  2. Brooke215

    Planning an 8x8 Coop

    I'm planning a coop and wanted to start a thread for input and documenting my progress. I'm thinking of housing for up to 16 chickens. I want to work with these dimensions because plywood comes in 8 foot sections. Coop: 8X8 Run:8X16 I'm in the very early stages of planning. I don't really have...
  3. Brooke215

    Designing housing for urban chicken keeping

    EDITED 10/13/16 @ 11:30 AM to include new thoughts Due to HOA restrictions, I have to house my chickens in my garage. I don't park my cars in there so that's not an issue, but finding something that works well is. Right now all I have is eggs in the incubator and hope for the future, so...
  4. Brooke215

    Tales of Residential Urban Chicken Keeping from Hickory Hill

    Since I'm back to raising chickens again after about 5 years of moving and renting, I thought I'd make a thread to chronicle the adventure. We own our home now, here in central VA (gardening zone 7a). I do have an HOA to contend with though, so that will certainly impact the decisions I can make...
  5. Brooke215

    Hello from central va

    My sweet dh brought me some local eggs a few days ago. Cracking one open it appeared to be fertile, so I've dusted off the old bator a put a dozen in. It's been 5 years since I've had chickens. We own our home now, but do have an HOA to contend with. I won't be keeping any Roos past 4 months...
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