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  1. uncle rico

    found this egg in our field....any ideas as to what it is?

    I was out walking in our back 40 pasture when I came upon this egg lying in the middle of the path. I'm pretty sure it's a turkey egg, but not quite 100% positive. Here is a pic, with one of our eggs (brown one on the left) to compare. It seems a little heavier then a chicken egg, and it has...
  2. uncle rico

    found dead bird in what?

    a few days ago I went out to the coop to feed the birds and open up for the day. Found one of the hens slouched in a corner, mostly unresponsive. Couldn't stand up, and her eyes kept drooping shut. There was no evidence of a predator attack. I checked her vent, and it seemed OK. I saw no...
  3. uncle rico

    some pics of the flock in winter

    Hi all, I havn't been on here in awhile so I thought I would share some current pics of the flock. right now I have 25 BAs and about 20 or so BOs. They're all hens, I hope to add some roosters with a batch of BR chicks that will be coming in the spring, however.
  4. uncle rico

    my chickens have stopped laying for some reason?!?!

    Hi all, havn't been on the forum in awhile but I have a problem here. I have about 45 hens that I bought as chicks last fall. Now they're about a year old and laying real steady up to about 2-3 wks ago. This summer, we were getting about 2 1/2 doz eggs a day, now that number has crashed to...
  5. uncle rico

    integrating 2 month-old roo into flock?

    I have a flock of 1 yr-old hens (47 of them) and I've been wanting to add a rooster for a long time now. Just now I found an ad on CL for 2-month old Buff Orpington cockerels. I would like to pick one up but was wondering how difficult it will be to integrate a 2 month old roo into the regular...
  6. uncle rico

    Is comb size indicator of pecking order status?

    I've noticed that all my boss hens have large, full combs & wattles while some of the hens lower in the peck order have combs that are much smaller. I was wondering if this has to do with peck order or what? I've never heard anything on that subject before.
  7. uncle rico

    any good hatcheries in southern WI?

    I am thinking about adding some more chickens to my flock and thought it would be nice to find a local place this time. (Our first batch was from Murray McMurray). I though murray was pretty good but would like to try the experience of buying local. Anyone know of good hatcheries in the...
  8. uncle rico

    Is a 4 ft fence high enough?

    My run has a fence 4 ft high made of poultry netting. Can full-size hens fly over that fence or do I have to raise the fence height? I free-range my chickens and havn't had a chance to use the run. I might put a small coop in the run to house my broody hens and/or some roos.
  9. uncle rico

    anyone have pics of BO or BA roos?

    I want to add a couple roos to my flock and am thinking about ordering a couple Buff Orp & Australorp cocks with a batch of meat birds that will hopefully come around late July. I was wondering if anyone out there has some BO or BA roos. If you have pics, post up! Thanks
  10. uncle rico

    found TINY egg today

    went out to the coop to get eggs today and found a TINY egg that wasn't much larger than a marble. heres a pic: just got 2 more broodies and I think one more might so now I have TEN broodies out of 47 hens-thats -20% egg production. Dang those stupid hens , I want eggs, not little chickies!!
  11. uncle rico

    busy day at the coop **pic heavy**

    The ground in front of the steps was getting muddy after a few spring rainstorms and after an incident where I slipped and planted my butt in mud (and chicken poop ) I decided to install some stepping stones. I got plenty of help (more like inspections) from the girls. Once we started digging...
  12. uncle rico

    2 broody hens in same cage?

    I have 2 BO broodies right now and have them in the same cage. I was wondering if its OK to house two broodies together in the jail or if I have to house them seperate?
  13. uncle rico

    Buff Brahma roo wi/full-size flock?

    I recently found someone selling 2 bantam Buff Brahma roos (they are 2 yrs old) on Craigslist. I am seriously considering picking one of them up for my hens . I do have a question though. If I chose to hatch fertile eggs from a bantam Buff Brahma and a full-size BO or BA hen, what kind of...
  14. uncle rico


    Here was a listing for a rare breed called Jaerhons on CL. Was wondering if there's anyone out there that knows anything about this breed or has them? I am thinking about getting the roo as I am looking for a rooster for our flock. Might consider a couple of the hens too. Heres the link...
  15. uncle rico

    possum that tried to break into the run ***graphic***

    this was about 2 mos ago, it was about 2pm in the afternoon and I heard the dog snarling down by the coop. i ran out there and the dog's got a possum in his mouth, shaking it back & forth. Possum is snarling & screeching, trying to get free. I sprinted back to the house, grabbed my .22, ran...
  16. uncle rico

    more pics of the hens at work

    Heres some pics I took today of our flock checking out the garden for some tasty leftover tidbits from last yr's gardening efforts. Our dogs are in the pic-whenever the hens are out they always sit there & watch. So far they have done a great job of keeping the coyotes & coons at bay. Every...
  17. uncle rico

    wanted: nice Buff Orpington rooster in southern WI

    hi, I am looking for a gentle, non-agressive Buff Orpington rooster. We have younger children so I want to get one that's not going to attack people. We are located about 40 min NW of Madison by Spring Green. We would be willing to pickup depending on location, or we could meet somewhere at a...
  18. uncle rico

    best roo breeds

    i have a flock of about 48 mixed australorps & BOs-am considering adding a rooster. we like the buff orpingtons the most so far, and the roos seem to have a good reputation. was wondering if there's any other good breeds for roos out there? it is important that we get a roo that's...
  19. uncle rico

    post your trail-cam pics!!

    anyone out there with trailcams? these things are so fun-checking your memory card every week is like opening christmas presents heres some of my best pics: heres the best buck ive gotten on film---so wish i could get this fella on my wall heres a pic of a turkey flock that was passing...
  20. uncle rico

    broody BO hen (pic included)

    about 5 days ago one of our BO hens went broody. Just sitting in the nesting box, all fluffed up. She growls & gives me the stink eye when I get too close. I caught her once off the nest taking a food/drink break but then she just hopped back into the nest as soon as I came in the coop. She...
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