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  1. eggxelent

    campine hunched over, won't drink, cold to the touch

    So I just opened up our chicken coop, and noticed that I had forgotten to close the inner coop door (the one we use to keep the chickens warm, not the one to keep them protected) when I put my chickens in last night. All the girls seemed fine except for the smallest one, a campine named Spunk...
  2. eggxelent

    can u introduce 3 chickens that haven't been raised 2gether to 3 who have?

    I'm thinking of getting 3 more chickens (hopefully a Marans, a Welsummer, and a Wyandotte) soon and I'm wondering if chickens I get from 3 separate breeders can be introduced to my existing flock of 3 (2 EE's, 1 GSL) Should I quarantine each, then introduce the three, then introduce the trio to...
  3. eggxelent

    ameraucana or ee?

    When I purchased Snow White from Ideal, I assumed she was an EE. But I looked at the Ameraucana standard and now I'm not so sure. She lays an olive green egg. Is she showable? And here's Gretel, my other (I think) EE. She lays a light sky blue egg. Yes, she's on top of the coop...
  4. eggxelent

    Suggest a LF Breed!

    I need advice on what breed of chicken to get next. I don't know if this breed even exists, but I'm willing to ask around! My requirements: LF (I already have 2 EE's and 1 GSL) must be able to sex at hatch in the standard of perfection (showable) good personality(calm, maybe even lap chicken)...
  5. eggxelent

    4 month old pullet panting, relaxing wings a lot, and white poo. Not sure if sick.

    So I just brought my girls inside (they were afraid of the storm lol) and Gretel (black EE) is acting a little wierd. She is panting, and relaxing her wings so that she looks like a football player with gigantic shoulders. When I was holding her she pooped on me and it was white and not very...
  6. eggxelent

    french angora and general rabbit info?

    I'm researching rabbits to see how much care they take, what medical problems they can have, etc. to see if I should get them and also if I can talk my parents into them . I would appreciate any information you have, and feel free to just post general rabbit advice, but I would especially...
  7. eggxelent

    Simple to build or affordable coop up to 12 banties?

    Looking for a chicken coop for up to 12 bantam chickens all hens at first, but maybe a rooster later. That was a long sentence. I am hoping to build a simple chicken coop or buy one $500 or under. It needs to house a fair amount of bantams, up to 12, and be VERY predator proof. It also needs to...
  8. eggxelent

    Which heat lamp to get?

    I'm making my own brooder, out of a cardboard box, and all is coming along great. Except for one thing:I can't figure out what heat lamp to get. I can't figure out, are there lamps designed especially for chicks? Or do most people use reptile lamps? What wattage should I use? I want to have two...
  9. eggxelent

    How to trim guinea pig nails?

    Both our guinea pigs need their nails trimmed, but one when we tried bit us so hard that it broke the skin. How do I get them to be calm enough to trim their nails?
  10. eggxelent

    Bantam Breeder?

    Okay, I know that I am asking this at the wrong time of year but I need a good show quality chicken and can't wait till Spring! For various reasons. Know of any good Welsummer breeders near Northern NV that sell sexed Welsummer chicks? Or that ship in LOW QUANTITIES? I need the chicks pretty...
  11. eggxelent

    Golden Campines

    Okay, I am very confoozled. Some places I look at say that Golden Campines are super rare, while others say they are common. If they are super rare I may not want to get one because I'd feel pressured to breed it with a male and I don't want to breed just yet as I am super new to poultry. How do...
  12. eggxelent

    I need Help!

    Okay, I found a breed of chicken that I so far like, but people in the reviews keep saying it is "flighty". What does it mean? Please veterans, answer me! I need something quickly!
  13. eggxelent

    Choosing a breed

    I didn't know where else to put this, so I decided to put it here because I want to get baby chicks of the breed I choose. This is my first post on BYC, other than introducing myself, so here goes: I want to start a flock of chickens, but don't know which breed to get. Could someone please help...
  14. eggxelent

    Hello I'm a newbie

    Hi just thought I'd introduce myself I am eggxelent (trying not to sound full of myself here haha) and right now I have 0 chickens but I'm hoping to get more soon! If anybody has breed reccomendation for a fairly small, friendly bird please let me know! Anyway, that's all I have to say right...
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