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    Kansaseq, Thanks! We love it too. I planned to chink it initially, but it provides great ventilation for the girls and keeps the smell down so I didn't. I totally chirckenwired the entire inside so nothing can get in between the cracks (which are small). It doesn't get too cold here in SC...
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    MrsDills07 In hope you're kids are as happy with their log coop as mine are. It is quite the conversation piece too at church and work as my friends really think it's neat. Terri74, I think you can use whatever type tree you have available. Pine is plentiful for me and needed to be removed...
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    All but one has since been adopted out as roaming dogs created my biggest problem. They had no problems bedding down together at night, although there was a pecking order as to who got in first. In the morning, the dominate roo would run the others away from the coop while the hens got out, but...
  4. Romadfoxs Chicken Coop

    Romadfoxs Chicken Coop

    Fox's Log Cabin Chicken Coop Greetings from the country! We (me, my wife, our 11 year old Maine Coon cat Olliver, and our six hens Ginger, Marry Ann, Babbs, Edwina, Lucy, and Madge) live on a small 9.25 acre piece of tree covered land in the midlands of South Carolina . We always dreamed of...
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