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  1. chicken995

    UPDATE Very sick hen

    A while back I posted here about a sick hen. Everybody suggested mites. So I treated for that, and everything seemed to be going well. The hen looked better and started laying eggs again. This morning before I left for work I saw this hen (Austra-white) jump into the nest box. When I got...
  2. chicken995

    Sick Hen-Please Help!

    Hello all, I've got a California White that appears to be in poor health. She has not laid an egg in about a week and half. I just attributed it to a molting. But today I noticed that her white feathers under her vent were very dirty, as if she has had some very wet droppings. She doesn't...
  3. chicken995

    Hennish Rooster? Roostery Hen?

    Hello all, I've got quite the interesting problem. I have a 28 week old splash silkie and I'm still not 100% sure of the gender. For the longest time I thought it was a hen. It was much smaller than the other silkie, and didn't have nearly as big a comb and it wasn't crowing. So I thought I...
  4. chicken995

    No more eggs

    Hello all. I have a California White who laid a couple of white eggs about three weeks ago. She laid two in one week, I haven't gotten any since. What could be causing this. A few of my brown egg layers started after her and they are going strong now despite the shorter days. So I'm led to...
  5. chicken995

    Unusual Stool

    Hello all, needing some info here. A few months ago I got some new chicks (8 weeks old then) to add to my existing flock (12 weeks then). I quarantined the new one for the recommended month. No signs of disease or trouble, so last week after a month I brought the chickens into the permanent...
  6. chicken995

    Need your...

    ...good vibes, mojo, juju, karma, prayers, whatever it is that you believe in. My summer of job hunting has finally turned up something. I have an interview with a local private school tomorrow at 1. This will be the first interview I've had since summer last year, and I don't anticipate...
  7. chicken995

    They grow up so fast

    My 12 week old Australorp Roo crowed for the first time this morning. Four times to be exact. They were pretty weak, but he was definitely crowing. What a cool sound he made. Just had to share.
  8. chicken995

    Introducing an older pullet

    I'm looking to introduce a 16 week old Delaware pullet to my group of 11 week old pullets. What is the best way to go about this? I'm planning on sectioning off a part of the coop so they can see each other and get used to each other. But then I got to thinking that maybe the bigger size of...
  9. chicken995

    Calling all silkie experts.

    Help me out here, what do I have. Two cockerels? One of each? I seriously doubt the black one is a pullet. Much larger than the white one. They wouldn't cooperate and let me get a good still shot, so I took a video too. Click to play.
  10. chicken995

    Do I need more ventilation?

    Here is my set up so far. Windows on east wall. This area is totally shaded by a roof over the run. Windows on west wall. Not so much shade. These windows let in quite a bit of sun, so I'm considering flipping them over and putting some "pop rods" on them to make a little awing type...
  11. chicken995

    Going on vacation, what to do?

    Hello all, my wife and I will be going on an Alaskan Cruise in a couple of weeks. My in-laws will be coming around to take care of animals, including the chickens. The chickens just moved into the coop yesterday, so they will be staying in there for a couple of days to learn where home is...
  12. chicken995

    7 week olds first night outside.

    Low of 48 tonight. They should be fine without any supplemental heat right?
  13. chicken995

    For cryin out loud-Is this another roo!?

    California white. 7 weeks old. Comb doesn't seem too large or red to me, but those tail feathers have me nervous. What do you think?
  14. chicken995

    Bales of pine shavings

    How many do I need to cover an 8 X 12 (that's 96 sq. ft.) coop? The bales that I get are 3 cubic feet compressed and expand to 5 cubic feet. Filling the coop for the first time. Any guesses would be appreciated.
  15. chicken995

    Two Roos and five hens... it okay? One is an australorp the other (which is still debatable) is a silkie. Will they be okay together or will they fight? Thanks
  16. chicken995

    Are these two roosters?

    New to the world of chickens. I have seven chicks that are 6 1/2 weeks old. I suspect that two may be roosters, but I wanted to get the opinions of the experts. The first suspect is a black australorp. Big pink comb. Could that be a tell tale sign? Suspect number two, a black silkie...
  17. chicken995

    Red or White?

    I'm being indecisive about what color to paint my fence. Red or white. You guys have helped me through a lot of my coop building (either directly or indirectly) so I thought it would be only fitting that you have a say in this matter. Here is a picture of what I have so far. The trim has...
  18. chicken995


    I know most people either bury their hardware cloth, or make an apron out of it to keep predators from digging, but has anybody ever made a trench and filled it with cement. I have a bunch of cement mix sitting around doing nothing and it seems to me that a deep enough cement trap would do a...
  19. chicken995

    Bedding in Coop

    I know most people use pine shavings or sand, but would shavings from maple/poplar/oak/alder work? I know it's best to keep the cedar away, but are those woods okay? I ask because a guy not very far from me has tons of it and is giving it away. Here is the craigslist post...
  20. chicken995

    Picket fence for run

    Hey all, considering a picket fence for one side of my run. I don't get a lot of snow consistently in my area, but we are usually good for one heck of a blizzard each winter. The snow almost always blows in from the west or north. The west part of my run is against the coop, so we are good...
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