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  1. Jay-Mar28

    Separating Geese

    Im living in southern Ontario, Its still fairly cold but am wondering if i should begin separating my geese to prevent cross breading. I have Pilgrims, Embden's and 2 Africans. My plan is to let each group out by themselves in order to stretch their wings and have a bath for a part of the day...
  2. Jay-Mar28

    Mixed Flock

    Right now i have a Embden hen and getting a gander as well. Ive ordered a trio of Pilgrims and am hatching some Africans lol My plan is to keep all the species in a larger grazing area together but am wondering if i will have any problems. I dont know if they will try to cross breed each other...
  3. Jay-Mar28

    Red Golden - Yellow Golden - Lady Amherst Quick Question

    I have a large pen right now with the red golden's inside i have 2 males and 5 hens with no trouble so far as the one male is a youngin. i was wondering if this is safe to do with the yellow's and Lady's once i pick up some hens for their own pens.
  4. Jay-Mar28

    Mixing Young with Adults

    I hatched 12 guineas around September and they have been separated from the adults this whole time. At what age can I mix them into the adult flock? Ild also like to point out I only want to mix the hens into it and sell off the young males.
  5. Jay-Mar28

    The Broody Hen Rules

    I have a decent size pen with 2 muscovy drakes and 9 hens. The hens have started to lay clutches in the nesting area but i am wondering if there are any rules as to separate the hens once they begin incubating. Do i leave everything as it is and the other muscovies wont injure her or the...
  6. Jay-Mar28

    Scovie Divers lol

    I walk my ducks down to the pond everyday and its become quite entertaining to watch this act. They will be sitting on the surface and dive under while flapping their wings, they look like a missle haha. Just wondering if this is a natural occurance because its quite funny to watch.
  7. Jay-Mar28

    How old is to Old

    Most people i talk to keep hens up to three years then replace them all. I got mine at 2 years old and they must be close to nine years old each now yet they produce eggs almost everyday until recently there have been some tiny eggs being laid. Im not sure if its one that took a break and is...
  8. Jay-Mar28

    Mice Catchers

    Ive read on a few sites that muscovies are great at catching mice. Has anyone on here ever witnessed this occuring? And which other ducks/ geese are great mouse catchers?
  9. Jay-Mar28

    Blood Feathers

    One of my young muscovies has ruptured a blood feather on he tip of his wing. I brought it inside and washed off the blood that was on his side. i dried him off and its stopped bleeding. what shoud i do now? would he be ok to put back with the others?
  10. Jay-Mar28

    Dangers in mixing Species?

    i myself have rouens -1 drake 2 hens. plus 6 one week olds. and i also just recieved some young muscovies. Will it be dangerous to put them all together once the youngsters and bigger? ive tried looking online to see which species can live together and which ones will just be bad news and...
  11. Jay-Mar28

    3 week old muscovies......Do they still need a heat lamp?

    its pretty warm at night and there are 5 of them together... should i keep a heat lamp in there still?
  12. Jay-Mar28

    Having an issue!!!!!

    When my chicken went broody my parents had placed 6 chicken eggs under her and 2 duck eggs aswell for 3 days staight for a total of 6 duck eggs for a batch of 12 eggs total. none of the chicken eggs hatched and two days ago the first set of ducklings hatched and yesterday the second. Well the...
  13. Jay-Mar28

    What song Birds have you attracted?

    Through the winter that just past until present I have had a couple bird feeders set up right beside our family porch. So far the following birds have visited them Blue Jays, Cardinals, Black-capped Chickadees, Nuthatches both red breasted and white breasted, American Goldfinch, Pine saskins...
  14. Jay-Mar28

    Myth or fact? It is rare for Rouen hens to go broody

    i have 2 what ive determined to be rouen hens and a drake. Recenly they ve began to lay but ive been removing the eggs because ive read its rare for them to sit and its still cold outside for the eggs to live. If i was to save a clutch of eggs and put them in a nest, would the hen sit?
  15. Jay-Mar28

    Egg Eating

    For about three days now my chickens or a couple of chickens in the coop have began to eat the eggs of the other chickens and the duck eggs aswell. Ive bought oyster shells to provide calcium but this morning they did it again. Are there any procedures or methods to stop this behaviour?
  16. Jay-Mar28

    Newbie From Ontario

    First of all, this website is amazing with the amount of information there is available. I have eight chickens at the moment, three ducks and five pigeons. i have alot to learn about each species so ill have many questions.
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