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  1. MommaHen86

    Incubator newbie needs help!

    So I set up my incubator and starting collecting eggs and was giving a bunch of random duck eggs when I went to go pick up some Calls.....Well Im new to this and need help for EVERYTHING! lol.....What temp should it be? It comes with an auto turner but was told I should be hand turning them...
  2. MommaHen86

    All alone die of heartbreak???

    i had a pair of Calls and our rooster for whatever reason started pecking the feathers off the back of the Drakes head...well we went out today to find him died (((( Now we have all our chickens and only one call and cant seem to find calls anywhere! Will our girl be okay or will she die of...
  3. MommaHen86

    Hovabator used for Call eggs and advice!

    So my husband purchased a hovabator yesterday and it comes with a automatic egg turner..Is this the best way to go or would it be better to go the route of hand turning them myself?...Is this an okay bator to have or is there a different one that would work better? And also we are new to...
  4. MommaHen86

    Female Call Ducks?

    We are in search of some new girls to add to our pairs....As of right now we have two girls and two boys....Whats a good ratio per drake?We are located in Mid Michigan and would like to find some one locally but if not maybe a good reputable breeder???Any info would be great! thanks!
  5. MommaHen86

    Call Ducks baby help!

    So our Calls and Chickens share the same chicken coop.....We have noticed that the calls are nesting and laying eggs in the corner and am wondering being a newbie at this....If they do hatch them, Will the chickens bug them at all I know that when you introduce baby chickens in a already...
  6. MommaHen86

    Call Duck Newbie! PLEASE HELP!

    SO we went to Chickenstock and came back with three snowy call ducks. Honestly, should of done some research but we couldnt resist them. SO.... We have them in our chickencoop at night and we are letting them be in our fenced in backyard for now during the day, but only when our two dogs arent...
  7. MommaHen86

    Snowy Call Ducks.

    SO the title says it all. My husband bought a trio of Snowy Call ducks at a recent Chickenstock and is in love with them. But we know nothing about them really. We went to TSC and bought duck food and they are just now losing the last bit of fuzz and have there feathers. What kind of shelter so...
  8. MommaHen86

    What is she?

    Think an EE, but not sure.Any ideas?
  9. MommaHen86

    which one?

    Which one would you keep? I have these two roosters. The brown one is the dominant one right now, has even began to chase off any other wild birds or anything in the yard that doesn't belong, while the other is just now realizing that he is a roo. But he is my favorite, personality, and...
  10. MommaHen86

    SO....It survived being thrown from the trailor....

    So long story short. We drove 1 1/2 hours away to pick up a coop just to have it go flying out the back of the trailor on the highway.thought that all was lost until i came home from work and DH was working on it.It had completly lost the roof, popped off the chicken door handle, cracked at the...
  11. MommaHen86

    3 1/2 months olds What sexes?

    Is it a boy or girl? Girl is my guess. Boy or Girl? Girl is my guess. Boy or Girl? Girl is my guess. Boy or Girls? I think that they are both roos.
  12. MommaHen86

    What breed is this??

    I know he/she is a bantam but other then that its a mystery. Its about 1 1/2 to 2 months old now i believe.
  13. MommaHen86

    Preparing my coop.HELP PLEASE!

    So we got our coop and its ready to be occupied. I laid pine shavings down but what else should I have. The only thing in there is feed and water.Anything else? I just feel like Im missing something?They have a roost that runs the entire length of the coop in front of the five nesting boxes.
  14. MommaHen86

    I know probably a stupid question but....

    Do you let your chickens free range when its raining or even possibly thundering? Its been like this all day and I HATE to keep them penned up all day.They are about 3 1/2 months now and have been free ranging for awhile now. I can hear my neighbors rooster still crowing so im guessing that they...
  15. MommaHen86

    Have my Coop, Now what?

    So I have my coop ordered it will be here this weekend. Now what? Can someone give me a list of the things that I should have on hand for the chickens? Im a new chicken owner to 15 five week old chicks, and dont really know what to buy to have on hand or what would be a waste of money. We are...
  16. MommaHen86

    My new Coop! Input please!

    So me and my husband were going to build a coop but then found this on craigslist. Here are the pics that he has of it. He says that 12-15 chickens live comfy in it if they are in it for the winter months. But I would only be putting possibly 10 max in. We also are doing a 40ft x 40ft run for...
  17. MommaHen86

    What is this?

    My husband brought home this baby chick from the feed store and all he knows is that it's a bantam? Any ideas?
  18. MommaHen86

    coop design plans anyone?!

    SO my husband and I want to biuld our first coop for our 15 chicks. I have searched this site and alot of others and saw lots of stuff that I love but not the right one for us. We are building our own and my husband says that he wants me to find a site/something that shows how much and what we...
  19. MommaHen86

    Will this work?!

    M husband wants to buythis chicken coop that this guy builds to sell. He says that this coop will hold 12-15 chickens. What do you guys think? We plan on making a HUGE run for them since we have the land and all. But I am unsure of the coop. What mods would you make to it? I was thinking that if...
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