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  1. Jammy Dodger

    Hemmie passed away this morning

    All of us who choose to be stewards of our stock , can and do relate to the pain others feel when one of them passes away . They live on in our memories though don't they. Sorry she 's gone.
  2. Jammy Dodger

    POOP boards 101. Teach me.

    1 and 1/4 in. lip to keep mixture of A.P. Sand { home depot concrete section } Sweet PDZ , and Food Grade Diotomatius Earth in poop tray . Fill up about 1 in. Droppings will mostly clump up and you scoop them up with a kitty litter plastic scoop We have used this set up for 3 years now...
  3. Jammy Dodger

    The Old Folks Home

    I'm with you. Why should't we get attached to our chickens ? After all, what other livestock gives us food without having to sacrifice their lives? I thank my hens every time I collect their eggs. Yes, I talk to chickens. LOL
  4. Jammy Dodger

    New Coop build. Coop is done, run is up next!

    Just a reminder that a big problem with a super insulated heated space and warm bodied hens is moisture buildup. Please for their well being thru the cold winter make sure your coop is well ventilated. Congrats on the build it looks comfy!
  5. Jammy Dodger

    Coop Build: To nail or not to nail?

    We used 3 inch exterior tork head screws for our coop ( $ 32.00 here in Wy. for 5 lbs.) Gets every thing drawn up much tighter and easy to remove in the future come expansion time .
  6. Jammy Dodger

    Daphne needs prayers!

    Privilege to do so . All the LORD'S living things are important and deserving of His help .
  7. Jammy Dodger

    TL;DR: Yesterday was not a good day. (things are handled, but just wanted to share)

    Thanks for the update . You are with out a doubt admirable stewards of your flock .
  8. Jammy Dodger

    TL;DR: Yesterday was not a good day. (things are handled, but just wanted to share)

    Sarah on behalf of "Dottie" thank you. Those who don"t have "small dinosaurs" have trouble realizing the bonds their caretakers have with them. It's strong.
  9. Jammy Dodger

    Has anyone used Rubber Mats for coop floor?

    Congradulations on the new home and welcome back to BYC. Also more important THANK YOU to you and your family for your Military service. I built my girls coop based on the Whichita Cabin design (plans available thru BYC). I modified it some making the footprint 14'x6' and using corrigated...
  10. Jammy Dodger

    How do you like cooking your eggs?

    Slice of sharp white cheddar melted on whole grain white toast topped with a fried egg. Now that is a satisfying breakfast.
  11. Jammy Dodger

    New to building coops..need advice from the seasoned chicken owners!

    Good morning from Wyoming. I don't know but at the least I would rough up any painted surfaces to increase the adhesion factor. The waterproof is a little on the thick side and takes a couple of days to cure here and our climate is fairly dry .
  12. Jammy Dodger

    New to building coops..need advice from the seasoned chicken owners!

    Great to hear :celebrate I would recommend sealing the floor though with a good exterior water proofing. I sealed the interior of our girls sleeping quarters with BEHR Premium transparent water proofing wood finish 2 years ago and it still looks new and has never bothered them. Good luck!
  13. Jammy Dodger

    Wyoming Unite!!!!

    Welcome to our little group. Used to build hand peeled Log homes so I can relate to you about our bodies loosing strength. Take ur easy.:thumbsup
  14. Jammy Dodger

    Wyoming Unite!!!!

    Thank you
  15. Jammy Dodger

    Wyoming Unite!!!!

    Sad day here . Lost our first girl to an unknown cause. The flock was out in a small free range and all were pecking away , digging holes, dust bathing, just having a great day. All had laid their eggs by mid afternoon but when I checked on them at 3 our Buff (one of our favorites) was...
  16. Jammy Dodger

    Wyoming Unite!!!!

    About an inch here , temp 23 above with brisk wind , solid overcast
  17. Jammy Dodger

    Wyoming Unite!!!!

    About the bone penetrating cold , as the old saying goes "and this too shall pass" Well I'm sure ready for the passing and I bet the chickens are as well. Forecasting -20's overnight here in Sheridan next 2 nights and 0 to 2 above daytime. The ability of the girls to deal with this never...
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