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  1. Young MacDonald

    Barred Rock laying age

    Hi, I know that the average age that hens start to lay is 20 -24 weeks, but I also know that some breeds lay at earlier, some later, some right in the middle, etc. What has your experience been with Barred Rocks. Are they early layers? Thanks.
  2. Young MacDonald

    Terrible noise

    Hi, My hen laid her first egg today. Before she laid it she was making a terrible gutteral sound. Now it's been about an hour and she's still making a horrible sound -- like she is having trouble breathing. She has her beak open and nobody else does. Did the egg break her? There was some...
  3. Young MacDonald

    Penny laid an egg!

    We got our first egg. She was doing the squat for a few days. This morning before we got any eggs, she started doing the egg song. Strangely, another pullet who had never laid an egg or sung the song also began singing it this morning. Penny started jumping in and out of all the nestboxes...
  4. Young MacDonald

    Why is she doing this?

    I have a pullet who as far as I know hasn't laid an egg yet. She's almost 22 weeks, EE and is doing the squat. It's funny. When she does it I ruffle the feathers on her back and she goes on her merry way. That's been happening for about 4 days. Today, she did something very...
  5. Young MacDonald

    When does the squat start in relation to laying?

    Hey all, I've read some posts on here about how you can tell a hen is about to lay her first egg when she walks around and squats low to the ground. My oldest, 21.5 weeks, just started doing it today. She's also squeezing her vent pretty much nonstop. I'm wondering if we should expect her...
  6. Young MacDonald

    Suburban warning

    Good morning, BYCers. I want to remind those of you who live in the "close-in" suburbs not to let your guards down about wild predators. We're always mindful of dogs, but we tend to thi nk we're immune from the "country" predators: foxes, opposum, etc. I have even suggested to my husband...
  7. Young MacDonald

    Square footage question

    I've read various accounts about the minimum square feet per chicken for the coop. Some say as little as 2 sq. ft while others urge 4 sq. ft. Today, I saw a post by someone who questioned whether that was really necessary if the chickens weren't ever in the coop except the sleep. That seems...
  8. Young MacDonald

    Mixing your own feed

    Anybody on here mix their own feed? I found some recipes on line, but was wondering if anyone has their own recipe they'd like to share.
  9. Young MacDonald

    I need some reassurance . . . UPDATE page 3

    I ordered chicks from Cackle that shipped yesterday morning. Both Cackle and I are in Missouri. I thought we might get them today, but after calling the Post Office twice (and being told by the postal worker that there were no more shipments coming into the local office today), I am resigned...
  10. Young MacDonald

    Why are hatching eggs so expensive?

    It seems like the hatcheries charge more for hatching eggs than they do for the live baby chick. This doesn't make sense. Anyone know why they do it that way?
  11. Young MacDonald

    The crowing started this morning

    I'm not sure I'm posting this in the right section, but hopefully you all can help me. This morning, around 5, we were woken by the crowing of one of my Barred Rock "pullets." This was inevitable since it's been a while since I realized they were probably male and in the last week I figured...
  12. Young MacDonald

    Black sex links - Barred Rock confusion? Help!

    I think I may have solved a mystery finally. I've been reading all the Barred Rock threads and posting on some trying to figure out whether 4 of my Barred Rocks were pullets or cockerels. I couldn't figure it out - they had big combs like cockerels, but were very dark. They also had some blue...
  13. Young MacDonald

    Pasting up

    My daughter with her bare hands took the poop off and no skin was damaged. She came to me and said "I did it!" I smiled. :lau:lau:lau:lau:lau:lau:lau:lau:lau:lau:lau:lau:lau:lau:lau:lau:lau:lau:lau
  14. Young MacDonald

    Sexing Buff Orpingtons

    I have 10 day old Buff Orpington chicks. They were supposed to be all pullets, but I know the hatcheries can't sex them with 100% accuracy. Three have developed tail feathers and one has not. I know that tail feather development is an early indicator of sex in Rhode Island Reds. Are...
  15. Young MacDonald

    Age of Barred Rocks?

    I'm hoping some experts can inform me about the growth rates of chicks. I bought some Easter Eggers last month that were 10 weeks old. The woman knew their exact birth date. Now they are 15 1/2 weeks. At the same time, I got some Barred Rocks that were supposedly 6 weeks, but I don't think...
  16. Young MacDonald

    My stop at Cackle Hatchery

    Yesterday, I took my daughter to the Laura Ingalls Wilder Home in Mansfield, MO. She loves the Little House series. So, "on the way home," we decided to go through Lebanon, MO. It's not too far out of the way. We had ordered chicks from Cackle Hatchery and my daughter wanted to see where...
  17. Young MacDonald

    What age should we butcher our cockerels?

    I bought six Barred Rock "pullets" from an apparently dishonest woman. (I'm a novice). They were approximately 6 weeks old at the time. It looks like four of them were actually cockerels. So we're going to eat them. My book on chickens talks about what age to eat meat birds, but it doesn't...
  18. Young MacDonald

    Ameraucana question

    I was sold two "Ameraucana" pullets. I've been reading the threads about the differences between Ameraucana and Easter Eggers. I have a question regarding recognized colors. If two Ameraucanas (that meet APA standards) breed and they are of different colors, let's say one white and one...
  19. Young MacDonald

    Lots of pictures of my new coop - thanks for all the tips and ideas

    We found this playhouse on Craig's List and decided to buy it and convert it to a coop. It's 6 x8 and 6' tall: We put hardware cloth in the windows, built a door and cut out a pop door. Here is the front view: We built the door with a small piece of plywood & some lattice my mom had left...
  20. Young MacDonald

    Is this normal? And should I discourage it?

    I'm a beginner with chickens. I bought some "pullets" from some local people (more on my doubts as to the sex of some later) and six small chicks from TSC. Two of the pullets are about 11 weeks old - they are Ameracuanas and I'm sure they are female. Six are Barred Rocks that the woman sold...
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