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  1. MeatKing

    My chickens are smarter then me.. lol

    So we've decided, we only want to free range a chicken a few times a week. (They are destorying our lawn, flower beds ect.) When I go in to give them feed or water ect. They run out, no matter how hard I try.. I will go throw some feed in the back, out door pen, Then sneek into the...
  2. MeatKing

    I've been unfriended on fb

    So my younger neigbor 17 years old. Is taking her ECE, Early childhood Educator. Course. She has used my dd's for a few times for projects, this last one was a basicly final exam. She had about 10 pages of questions to anserew. A lot, but hey, it's college. So after 3, 20 min...
  3. MeatKing

    Good bye Rooster/ Tommy

    Feel bad, my rooster, just tried to attack my 4 yr. So of course, bye bye Tommy. 7 yr. is in tears, she loves him, he won't do it agian, she will watch him... Umm nope, they are mostly in their pen, but the odd time I let them out. Nope sorry, so not letting my baby girl lose an eye...
  4. MeatKing

    Se excited!!

    My sil, one of them, whom I respect. Is coming to spend the night, first time in four years.. Just found out yesterday So between working fulltime, taking care of kids, I've been a cleaning.. like crazy My house isn't that dirty, it's just disorganzied.. Hubby has day off...
  5. MeatKing

    The new pope!! ok people out've respect lets not get this thread locked!

    The new Pope has made me smile already.. Seem we do have a few things i disagree upon. Excpected, none the less. But on a happy note, He prefers the simple life, a small apartment, not the residence he was entitled to as Archbishop of Buenos Aires. He likes public transit, and "He accused fellow...
  6. MeatKing

    You know your Canadian when?

    Hubby comes in, with a straight face and says.. Can you give me a push? I'm stuck.. And the wife in me replies, where, as I'm putting on my boots and tuque. He's pushed out all is good, Love the snow! It'a all very pretty till someone tries to drive through, places the...
  7. MeatKing

    American soldiers, seeking refugee status in Canada

    So far we have 11, Americans who went AWOL, claiming refugee status. This status is generally for people from war torn countries. The latest, says he will be "court martailed" sp? sorry So he wants our governent to grant him a refugee status, which has many perks. that we Canadians pay...
  8. MeatKing

    More dark meat Turkeys?

    Were looking for some sort've turkey, with more dark meat.. Any breed sugestions? Thank-you so much!!
  9. MeatKing

    Sometimes, I need to be nicer :(

    So this am, I got out've bed, unloaded/ reloaded dishwasher, took dog out, feed/watered chickens, cleaned kitchen, ran a few loads of laundry..feed kids ect Hubby gets up, not happy, cause I'm useing the oil and didn't start wood stove yet.. (There's no kindling, I would have to use the...
  10. MeatKing

    Whats your fav blog?

    I need new blogs to read!! I love BYC, and read every day... But I really love a good blog.. What's your fav?
  11. MeatKing

    Our school is doing a new thing this year..

    My youngest dd, 4 years old. Came home with a new pencil yesterday. It say's, "Got caught doing something good" So I had never seen nor heard about this. I said oh, did everyone get this? dd, "Nope just me" me, "why did you get this" dd, ' cause I was useing my helping hands" I...
  12. MeatKing

    196.45 pounds of turkey now in my freezer :)

    This makes me so happy, and it's so nice to know all my hard work.. Finaly paid off :) Yeah Turkey for the year :)
  13. MeatKing

    My poor husband.. lol

    I do feel sort've bad.. but hey what can I do.. This week he was working late and added to the supper I made a few times.. He sometimes after working 14 plus hours will eat the supper I made plus cook pork chops, steak whatever he finds.. So yesterday I made pork chops, and today a big...
  14. MeatKing

    What's your fav salad?

    Trying to eat healthier Not by changing too much, but by eating more salads.. Here's it's either a garden salad, or potatoe, or mac sald.. Yes I know the later aren't that healthy.. This summer we tried a corn type salad with a vingar dressing.. That was nice.. But what are...
  15. MeatKing

    First Day of school here

    Well my dd just started grade 1, she loves her new teacher. I am so lucky and blessed to have a great school for her to go too, with great teachers!! She came home happy with lots tell! Big relief for Mommy.. Her teacher also must have a good sense of humor, she told the kids. no...
  16. MeatKing

    I love my neighbors but...

    We have the greatest little community here in the country side. We can see a few houses from ours and of course have become friends with them. Well, one of the familes an older retired couple, please note their wonderful people and we love and would do anything for them.. but a few nights...
  17. MeatKing

    MS Well ......., my little cuz now :(

    So my Grandpa probely had it, but never went for testing before he passed.. Grandparents had ten kids 5 of ten have it, some worse then others and my Uncle just passed away from it Now my little cuz has it. Breaks my heart, there's 28 of us, I knew it was only a matter of time, before...
  18. MeatKing

    How many chickens to cook?

    Hubby built the most awesome BBQ, out've an oil tank!! Works great, so were having a family BBQ of course.. There will be 11 adults, 2 kids over 10, My 2 kids, good chicken eaters 6 and 4yrs, and then 3 little ones under 2 yrs.. My meat birds that I am cooking will range from 7- 9...
  19. MeatKing

    Pulled over again!!

    So I clean house for a living, in a rich part of the city. You know where most people drive mercades, or BMW, or porches.. So for the second time in 3 months, I'm pulled over driving my mini-van.. First time cause my back window was dirty, my mirrors were all clean ect. I told the...
  20. MeatKing

    Guess I learned that

    So dd 3, has decided she no longer likes peperoni on her pizza.. So I thought, well I'll fix that. Decided to make a pizza from scratch. you know, cause kids like that.. Had her eating peproni while it was being made. Pizza cooked, gave her a slice, She looked at it said, i don't like...
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